Verse 1

As I walked out one morning fair,
To view the fields and to take the air;
'Twas there I saw a young banker alone,
Leaving his true love to make her mourn.

Verse 2

He says - "Pretty maid, will you come on deck,
For the chains of gold hanging round your neck?"
These words she says - "You may prove true,"
The answer he made - "I'll have none of you."

Verse 3

The young banker turned to go away,
She followed after and bade him stay;
"Oh stay, oh stay, love, and I'll prove true."
But the answer he made - "I'll have none of you."

Verse 4

Then this sweet, pretty maid her senses lost,
Ever since the day that her love was crost;
She sings and cries and longs for the day,
Cursing the hours she said - "Nay, nay, nay."

Verse 5

The young banker had such a handsome face,
Around his neck was a piece of lace;
And besides he had such lovely hair,
And cheeks as soft as a damsel fair.