Tinker's courtship


Verse 1

In Dublin there once did dwell,
A pretty fine girl and I knew her well;
Her age it was just twenty two,
And for a man she had to do.


Sing fol the rol lara li gee o,
Fol the rol lara li gee o.

Verse 2

The gentleman being come home one day,
The tinker with her did skip and play;
He courted her behind the door,
And there he kissed her o'er and o'er.


Verse 3

Now when this courtship was at an end,
She tipped him twenty guineas in hand;
Saying - "Call again as soon as you can,
I'll find you another old kettle to mend."


Verse 4

Now, if all be true as I've been told,
The tinker he spent all the gold;
Then he must do as he'd done before,
And kiss the girl behind the door.