Banks of green willow


Verse 1

It's of a sea captain,
Lived near the seaside o,
He courted a farmer's daughter,
All for to make her his bride o.

Verse 2

"Fetch some of your father's gold,
Likewise your mother's money;
Then I will gang overseas,
Along with my Annie."

Verse 3

She fetched some of her father's gold,
Likewise her mother's money;
And I ganged overseas,
Along with my Annie.

Verse 4

We had not been on the sea,
Scarce six weeks or so many;
Before she wanted women's help,
But she could not get any.

Verse 5

"Can I do you women's help?
Can I do you my Annie?"
"You cannot do me women's help,
For love nor for money.

Verse 6

Tie a napkin around my head,
Tie it round easy,
Then throw me overboard,
Both me and my baby."

Verse 7

He tied a napkin around her head,
He tied it so round easy;
And then threw her overboard,
Both she and her baby.

Verse 8

"Then see how she swims, my boys,
See how she quivers!
She will sink or she will swim, my boys,
To the banks of green willow.

Verse 9

My love shall have a coffin made,
With the bright gold so yellow;
And she shall be buried,
On the banks of green willow.

Verse 10

My mind it is tormented,
I cannot be easy;
The drowning of this pretty girl,
And her innocent baby."