To beat the drum again


Verse 1

When I was a young girl, at the age of sixteen,
I from my parents ran away to go and serve the Queen,
I enlisted in the army like another private man,
And very soon they taught me how to beat upon the drum.

Verse 2

My waist it being slender, and my fingers long and small,
Very soon I learned to beat the drum the best among them all;
The sergeant that enlisted me said I was a nice young man -
"And I'll think you'll make a drummer, so it's come along, my man."

Verse 3

They sent me up to London to go and guard the Tower,
And there I might have been until this very day and hour,
But a young girl fell in love with me, and she proved I was a maid,
And straight unto my officer my secret she betrayed.

Verse 4

My officer then sent for me to know if it was true -
"For such a thing I can't believe, nor won't believe of you."
"O yes it's true, dear officer," she smiled and then he said -
"It's a pity we should lose you, such a drummer you have made."

Verse 5

"So fare you well, dear officer! You have been kind to me,
And fare you well my comrades! You must sometimes think of me;
And should you be in want of men, why this I do attain -
I'll take off my hat and feathers and, I'll beat the drum again."