When first I came to Sherborne Town


Verse 1

When first I came to Sherborne Town,
They called me 'Bonny Rogers',
A sergeant he stepped up to me
Asked I to be a soldier.
He asked me o'er and o'er again
If I would take a shiner,
I asked him what the Corps would be,
He said a Royal Mariner.


With my whack, my riddle,
Whack my waddy go whop.

Verse 2

Next morning came the bugle call,
They had me up to drill, sir,
There I was pushed and shoved about,
By a fellow called Sergeant Major,
First, 'twas Right and then 'twas Left
'Twas 'keep your head up there sir,'
You had not dare to speak a word,
Or down the road you go sir.'


Verse 3

I wish I was at home again,
All out upon the land, sir,
I would not be a soldier again,
If they give me forty pound sir,
I wish I was at home again,
A-carving amongst the mutton,
With a great big swede in under my arm,
And if I'd got a knife I'd cut 'un.