Barbara Allen


Verse 1

It's of one morn, one sweet May morn,
When flowers they are springing,
A young man on his death bed lay,
For the sake of Barbara Allen.

Verse 2

He sent his servant to the house,
To the house where she was dwelling;
He said, "You must come to my master's house,
If your name is Barbara Allen."

Verse 3

So slowly she put on her clothes,
So slowly she went to him,
And when she got to his bedside,
She said, "Young man, you're dying."

Verse 4

He turned his face towards the wall,
When Death was creeping on him -
"Adieu to you! And adieu to all!
And adieu to Barbara Allen."

Verse 5

As she was going across the field,
She heard the bell a-tolling,
And as it tolled it seemed to say,
"Hard hearted Barbara Allen."

Verse 6

As she was going down the street,
She met the corpse a-coming;
She said, "Put down this pretty corpse,
That I may gaze upon him."

Verse 7

The more she gazed the more she laughed,
Till the further she got from him,
And all the people cried, "For shame!
Hard hearted Barbara Allen."

Verse 8

"Now this young man he died for love,
And I will die tomorrow,
Now bury this young man today,
And bury me tomorrow."

Verse 9

Now these two lovers are dead and gone,
And they lay close together,
And out of his breast there sprang a red rose,
And out of hers' a briar.

Verse 10

And there they grew to the chancel top,
Till they could not grow any higher,
They turned and tied in a true lover's knot,
For all people to admire.