Barbara Allen


Verse 1

In Reading town, where I was born,
A fair maid there was dwelling,
I picked her out to be my wife,
And her name was Barbara Allen.

Verse 2

Twas in the merry month of May,
When green leaves they were springing,
A young man on his deathbed lay,
For the love of Barbara Allen.

Verse 3

He sent to her a servant man,
To the place where she was dwelling,
Saying - "Fair maid, to my master you must go,
If your name is Barbara Allen."

Verse 4

So slowly, slowly she walked in,
So slowly she went to him,
And when she got to his bedside,
She said - "Young man, you're dying.

Verse 5

Nothing but Death's print on thy cheeks,
All joys they are fled from thee,
I cannot save thee from the grave,
So farewell, my dearest Johnny!"

Verse 6

As she was walking in the fields,
She heard the bells a-ringing,
And as they rang they seemed to say -
"Hard hearted Barbara Allen."

Verse 7

"Hard hearted creature, sure, I was,
To one that loved me so dearly;
I wish I had more kinder been,
In the time of life, when he was near me."

Verse 8

Twas he that died on one good day,
And she that died the morrow;
Twas only he that died of love,
And she that died for sorrow.