Blue cockade


Verse 1

'Twas on a Monday morning, as I was going to the fair,
I did not think of listing till the soldiers met me there;
Good company enticed me to drink their health all round,
The bounty that they gave me was ten guineas and a crown.

Verse 2

'Tis true my love has listed, and he wears a blue cockade,
He is a clever soldier, likewise a roving blade;
He is a clever soldier and he's gone to serve the King,
Whilst my poor heart is aching all for the love of him.

Verse 3

'Tis true my love is gone, my love is gone from me,
He's gone to fight the French, my boys, in a foreign country;
But the ground my loves walks upon no grass will ever grow,
Since it's been his inclination, and my sorrow, grief and woe.

Verse 4

He took out his pocket handkerchief to wipe her flowing eyes,
And I said, "My dearest Nancy, leave off such mournful cries;
For when I return from India I'll have no girl but you,
And I wish I'd never changed from the orange to the blue."