Verse 1

The cuckoo is a merry bird,
He sings as he flies,
He brings us glad tidings,
And tells us no lies.

Verse 2

He sucks up the bird's eggs
To make his voice clear,
And the more he cries 'Cuckoo!'
The summer draws near.

Verse 3

The cuckoo is a lazy bird,
She never builds a nest,
She makes herself busy,
By singing to the rest.

Verse 4

She never hatches her own young,
And that we all know,
But leaves it to some other bird
While she cries, 'Cuckoo!'

Verse 5

And when her time is come
Her voice we no longer hear,
And where she goes we do not know
Until another year.

Verse 6

The cuckoo comes in April,
She sings a song in May,
In June she beats upon the drum,
And then she'll go away.