Verse 1

It's of a young sea captain, who courted a lady fair,
He courted this fair lady all in her tender years,
But how to go to sea with him, I sure she did not know,
Yet she longed to see the pretty place, called Canada-i-o.

Verse 2

She dressed herself up like a duke, with a star upon her breast,
And swore she'd kill the captain, if he did her molest,
Just as the ship was sailing, she came down to the shore,
And said she'd see the pretty place called Canada-i-o.

Verse 3

Our officer stood, with cap in hand, a noble duke to see,
Expecting he was coming there a commander for to be,
When she got into the ship, she saw her own true love there,
She quickly stepped up to him and whispered in his ear.

Verse 4

And when she'd got him safe away, she sat down in the shade,
And she began to ask him if he knew a pretty maid;
His eyes began to fill with tears on hearing of her name,
She said - "My dear, don't troubled be, for I'm sure I am the same."

Verse 5

Then she had him fettered, and handed him along,
She said - "I'm going to confine you all in some prison strong,
You robbed me of my liberty, I'll have you tried for life.'
So she ventured fame and fortune all for to be his wife.

Verse 6

The sailors overheard, and in a passion flew -
"Not for all the ships that sail she shall persuade us to.
We'll bind her hand and foot, and overboard she'll go,
She shall never see the pretty town called Canada-i-o."

Verse 7

Now the captain of the ship, he being not fast asleep,
Hearing this lovely damsel most bitterly did weep -
"Where is this lovely damsel you mean to make away,
That shall never see the pretty town called Canada-i-day?"

Verse 8

"She's bound both hand and foot, in irons very low,
She's bound hand and foot, and overboard she'll go -"
"You bring her unto me, and none shall ever know
She shall go and see the pretty place called Canada-i-o."

Verse 9

They had not been in Canada not more than half a year,
Before the captain married her, and made her his lovely dear,
All in her silks and satins now she cuts a dashing show -
She's the grandest captain's lady in Canada-i-o.