Faithful plough


Verse 1

Come all you jolly plough men, of courage stout and bold,
That labour all the winter through the stormy winds and cold;
For to clothe your fields with plenty, and your farmyards to renew,
That bread may not be wanted, we must use the faithful plough.

Verse 2

Says the ploughman to the gardener, 'Count not your trade as ours,
But walk the curious borders and look upon your flowers;
If it hadn't been for the plough man, both rich and poor would rue,
For they are all dependent upon the faithful plough.

Verse 3

Now Adam was a plough man, when ploughing first begun,
And the next that did succeed him was Cain, his eldest son;
Some of this generation the calling now pursue,
For we are all dependent upon the faithful plough.

Verse 4

Samson was a strong man, and Solomon was wise,
Alexander for to conquer was all that we do prize;
King David was a valiant man, and many thousand slew,
Yet none of these great heroes could live without the plough.

Verse 5

I hope that those who hear this will hold to what is true,
For we cannot sail the ocean wide without the faithful plough;
For they must have beer and biscuits, plum puddings, flour and peas,
For to feed the jolly sailors that plough the raging seas.

Verse 6

I hope there's none offended, now, with me for singing this,
For it never was intended to be anything amiss;
If you consider it rightly, you'll find that it is true,
For all the trades I've mentioned depend upon the plough.