Broom dasher


Verse 1

Jack took a road he knew very well,
He came to a castle so, so high,
He halloed and bawled, so loudly he called -
'Pretty maids, do you want any broom, green broom?
Pretty maids do you want any broom?'

Verse 2

The lady being high and hearing Jack cry
Called in that young lad with his broom
Said she - 'My young blade, will you leave off your trade,
And marry a lady in bloom, in bloom,
And marry a lady in bloom.'

Verse 3

Now they live at their ease and kiss when they please,
But there's noting like showing green broom, green broom,
But there's nothing like showing green broom, green, broom.

Verse 4

Jack he arose [etc]
Though low and he strives
And sharpens his knives
And cut him a bundle of broom.