Captain Brooks and his gallant crew


Verse 1

On the twenty ninth of May, my Boys, off Boston Light we lay,
Watching the bold American while at anchor she lay,
The Chesapeake lay in harbour, a frigate stout and fine,
Four hundred and fifty was our crew and our guns were forty nine.

Verse 2

Now Captain Brooks commanded us, a challenge he did write,
To ask the bold Americans if they would come out to fight,
Our captain says - "Brave Lawrence, it is not for enmity,
But it is to prove to all the world that Britain rules the sea."

Verse 3

Now the challenge was accepted, the Americans they came down,
But never a finer frigate, belonged to the British Crown,
We brought her into action, and the true old British plan,
Not fire a gun till all was well, and then the fight began.

Verse 4

It was broadside for broadside which caused a tremendous roar,
Like thunder it did rattle along that sacred shore,
Oh, the dreadful fire it lasted for three quarters of an hour,
The enemy's ship bore down on us, and their yards were locked with ours.

Verse 5

Then our Captain went to the ship's side to see how she did lie,
And he perceived the enemy's men all from their guns did fly,
"All hands to board her now", he cried, "the victory is sure.
Come bear a hand, my gallant boys, and the prize we'll soon secure."

Verse 6

Then like lions we rushed on board and fought them hand to hand,
And though they did outnumber us they could not us withstand,
They fought in desperation, disorder and dismayed,
And then a few minutes after, they were forced to give way.

Verse 7

Our Captain and five lieutenants and fifty of our crew,
Were killed in that short action, one hundred wounded, too;
The news we told to Halifax, our Captain buried there,
And the remainder of his ship's company his honourship did wear.

Verse 8

So, come all you true born Englishmen, that wear the jackets blue,
Come, drink a health to Captain Brooks and all his gallant crew,
That fought those bold Americans, boys, and laid their courage low,
That fought those bold Americans, boys, and laid their courage low.