Carpenter's boy


Verse 1

It's of a carpenter's boy coming home from his work,
He hailed a most beautiful maid;
"O Betsy, love," said he, "Come sit down by me,
I'll tell you what I dreamed of last night."

Verse 2

"Your dreams are more than is fated, I know."
"I dreamt, love, I was lying by your side,
And now I am going to fetch up the cows,
Which are down in the meadows below."

Verse 3

They both went together to fetch up the cows,
Which were down in the meadows so green;
And what they said there, I'll leave you to guess,
He told her the contents of his dream.

Verse 4

He says - "My dearest Betsy, yonder is a church across these fields,
Not scarcely now half a mile it seems;
This couple they got married, and so happy they may be;
They often tell the tale of their dreams.