In High Germany


Verse 1

"Oh Polly, love, Oh Polly, love! The route is now begun,
And we must march away to the beating of the drum.
Go, dress yourself all in your best and come along with me,
I'll take you to the wars, love, in High Germany."

Verse 2

"Oh Willie, love! Oh Willie, love! You mark what I do say,
I am a feeble woman, I cannot march away.
Besides my dearest Willie, I'm not married yet to thee,
I'm not fitting for the wars my love, in High Germany."

Verse 3

"Oh, I'll hire you a horse love, and on it you shall ride,
For all my delight is to march by your side.
We'll call at every ale house and drink when we are dry,
We'll sweetheart on the road, love, and get married by and by."

Verse 4

"I wish the wars were over, or they never had begun,
For out of old England, they pressed many a bright son.
They pressed my Willie from me, likewise my brothers three,
And sent them to the wars, love, in High Germany."