Verse 1

There was a knight came to the gate,
He knocked high, he knocked late.


Bow down, bow down, sweetheart, and a bonny lass,
And all things shall go well.

If thou canst answer me three times three,
In ten thousand pieces I'll tear thee.

Verse 2

What is louder than a horn?
What is sharper than a thorn?
What is whiter than milk?
What is softer than silk?
What is higher than a tree?
What is deeper than the sea?


Verse 3

Thunder's louder than a horn,
Hunger's sharper than a thorn.
Snow is whiter than milk,
Down is softer than silk.
Heaven is higher than a tree,
And hell is deeper than the sea.


Then he clapped his wings, and aloud did cry,
And a flame of fire he flew away.