Lowlands of Holland


Verse 1

Oh, Holland is a pretty place and there my love does lie,
And there shall be a resting place for my true love and I;
Since the liquors are as plentiful and the leaves upon the trees,
May the heavens above protect my love as he sails upon the seas.

Verse 2

There came five hundred seamen bold, and it was their full intent,
To fight for King and Country, so boldly then they went;
But four score of them were wounded and the rest of them were slain,
And my true love was one of them that died upon the main.

Verse 3

Said the mother to the daughter, "What makes you to lament,
Is there never a lad in all the world can give your heart content?"
"There are lads enough in our own town, but never a one for me,
Since the Lowlands of Holland parted my true love and me.

Verse 4

There shall never a cap go on my head, or a comb all in my hair,
Neither fire nor candle bright shall show the clothes I wear;
And neither will I married be until the day I die,
Since in the Lowlands of Holland, my true love does lie."