Poor Tom Brown, of Nottingham Town


Verse 1

Poor Tom Brown, of Nottingham Town, Jack Williams and poor Joe,
They were three daring poachers, the county well does know;
At night they were trepanned by keepers hid in sands,
For fourteen years transported unto Van Dieman's Land.

Verse 2

Me and five more went out one night into Squire Duncan's park,
To see if we could catch some game, the night it being dark;
But, to our great misfortune, we got dropped with speed,
They sent us off to Warwick jail, which made our hearts for to bleed.

Verse 3

Then at Warwick Assizes at the bar we did appear,
Like Job we stood with patience, our sentence for to hear,
But, being old offenders, it made our case go hard,
So for fourteen long years we were all sent on board.

Verse 4

The very day we landed all on that fatal shore,
The planters they came round us, full fifteen score or more;
They ranked us up like horses, and sold us out of hand,
They yoked us to the plough, my boys, to plough Van Dieman's Land.

Verse 5

Now the cottage that we lived in was built of sods of clay,
And rotten straw for bedding, we dare not say nay;
Our cots are round the fire, we slumber when we can,
For to drive the wolves and tigers all from Van Dieman's Land.

Verse 6

There was a girl of our town, Susan Summers was her name,
Fourteen long years transported, we all doth know the same;
Our planter bought her freedom, and married her out of hand,
She gave us all good usage all in Van Dieman's Land.