Verse 1

The cuckoo is a merry bird,
He sings as he flies,
He brings us glad tidings,
And tells us no lies.

Verse 2

A-walking and a-talking,
And a-walking went I,
To meet my sweet William,
He'll come by and by.

Verse 3

To meet him it's a pleasure,
But to part it's a grief,
For an unconstant lover,
Is worse than a thief.

Verse 4

For a thief he will rob you,
Take all that you have,
But an unconstant lover,
Will bring you to the grave.

Verse 5

The grave it will rot you,
And bring you to dust,
But an unconstant lover,
No damsel can trust.

Verse 6

They will laugh under their hat, love,
As they see you pass by,
They'll bow with their body,
And wink with one eye.

Verse 7

They will kiss you and court you,
Poor girls to deceive,
There's not one in twenty,
A maid can believe.

Verse 8

They will kiss you and court you,
And swear to be true,
And the very next moment,
They'll bid you adieu.