Verse 1

I am a rover and that's well known,
I'm just a-going to leave my home;
To leave my home and my friends to mourn;
Farewell my bonny girl, till I return.

Verse 2

She drew a chair, and bid me sit down,
And soon she told me her heart was won;
She drew a chair, whilst I took my leave:
Farewell my bonny girl, don't grieve.

Verse 3

Then I sat down and wrote a song,
I wrote it wide, and I wrote it long;
At every line I shed a tear,
And at every verse I cried -"Polly dear."

Verse 4

"I am not married, but I am free,
And I am not bound to marry thee;
But a married life I soon will see,
For a contented mind bears no jealousy."

Verse 5

As I crossed over yon dreary moor,
There I lost sight of my true love's door;
My heart did ache, my eyes were blind,
Thinking on the bonny girl I'd left behind.

Verse 6

I wish, I wish, but it's all in vain,
I wish I was a maid again;
But a maid again I'll never be,
Till apples grow on an orange tree.