Sailor and his true love


Verse 1

How charming and delightful is the bright summer's morn,
When the hills and the valleys are covered with corn!
When the blackbirds and the thrushes sit in every green tree,
And the lark sings delightful high over the lea!

Verse 2

The sailor and his true love great pleasures do take,
Says the sailor to his true love, 'I must you forsake.
I'm bound for the East Indies, let nothing me detain,
And to you I'll prove true love, till I come back again.'

Verse 3

Oh then she hung on him, crying - 'Jimmy, my dear!'
While down her pale cheeks rolled many a tear -
'Will you go and leave me in sorrow to complain,
Till from the East Indies you come back again?'

Verse 4

He says - 'My lovely fair one, I can no longer stay,
For the ship is at anchor and I must away.
I am bound for the East Indies, whatever will detain,
I'll make you my bride when I return again.'

Verse 5

Gold rings from her finger she instantly drew,
Saying - 'Take these for a token, and more I'll give you.'
The tears from her eyes like rivers they fell -
'May heaven go with you, dear Jimmy, farewell.'