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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameBailey, Francis [Frank]
Date of Birth1850
Location/CommunityCoombe Bisset
NotesListed as Frank Bailey by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Birth / baptism
Hampshire, Lymington, Jan, Feb, Mar, 1868; Vol. 2b, p 604;

Wiltshire, Alderbury, Apr, May, Jun, 1895. vol. 5a, p 376; 1895

Death / burial
Two candidates: Wiltshire, Salisbury, Vol. 5a, p 219; 1934, age, 63; Wiltshire, Salisbury, Vol. 5a, p 158; 1924, age, 79; Frank G Bailey.

Williams / others notes
Ralph Vaughan-Williams: sung by Frank Bailey, ex soldier, on 31st August, 1904 in the Fox and Goose, Coombe Bisset.
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Wallop, Hampshire, c. 1868; age, 43; occupation, groom, gardener; address, 8 Fairview Road, Salisbury; living with wife, Elizabeth, age, 46; occupation, cook, domestic; place of birth, Ansty, Wiltshire.

Census 1901
A Frank Bailey is listed. Place of birth, Wallop, Hampshire, c. 1868; age, 33; address, 11 The Green Croft, St Edmunds, Salisbury; occupation, groom, gardener, domestic; living with, wife, Elizabeth; age, 35; place of birth, Ansty, Wiltshire; also boarders, Henry Butler, age, 21; occupation, joiner and carpenter; James Butler; age, 18; occupation, printers compositor; Edwin Butler, age, 15; occupation, cycle shop assistant; place of birth all boarders, Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire.

Census 1891
Place of birth, Salisbury, Wiltshire, c. 1870; age, 20; address, 30 College Street, Salisbury; occupation, ostler, groom; living with, father, James, age, 51; place of birth, Upavon, Wiltshire; mother, Alice, age, 48; place of birth, Laverstock; occupation, laundress; sister,Kate, age, 18; brother, William, age, 13; occupation, baker; brother, Morris, C.; age, 10; scholar; place of birth all siblings, Salisbury; also, grandmother, Rebecca Sainsbury, age, 76; place of birth, Salisbury; widow; also, aunt, Ellen Sainsbury; age, 27; place of birth, Laverstock, occupation, laundress.

Census 1881
Place of birth, Wallop, Hampshire, c. 1870; age, 11; address, 7 Green Croft Street, St Edmunds, Salisbury; scholar; living with, father, James, age, 41; place of birth, Uphaven [Upavon]; occupation, labourer; mother, Alice, age, 38; place of birth, Laverstock, Wiltshire; brother, George, age, 16; place of birth, Durnford, Wiltshire; occupation, labourer; sister, Kate, age, 8; scholar; sister, Bessy, age, 3; brother, William John, age, 2; placeof birth all siblings, except Frank and George, Salisbury.

Census 1871
Place of birth, Nether Wallop, Hampshire; c. 1870; age, 11 months, address, in village, Over Wallop, Hampshire; living with, father, James, age, 33; place of birth, Upavon, Wiltshire; mother, Alice, age, 27; place of birth, Longstock, Hampshire; brother, George, age, 6; place of birth, Durnford, Wiltshire.



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