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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameBarrett, William
Date of Birth1866
Location/CommunityMarston Meysey
NotesGeorge and William Barrett from whom Williams collected songs, were brothers.

Birth / baptism
Gloucestershire, Northleach, 1866, Jul, Aug, Sep, Vol. 6a.

No trace

Death / burial
No trace

Williams / others notes
Alfred Williams: \"This song was formerly popular in and around Marston Meysey, where it was sung by an old carter named W. Barrett, of whose daughter, Mrs Rowles, Bridge Street, Witney, I obtained the copy, Buxom blade, Ox.305\"
Census InformationCensus 1911
No trace

Census 1901
No trace. John Barrett, place of birth, Eastleach, Gloucestershire, c. 1832, age, 69; address, Street, Marston Maysey, Wiltshire; widower; occupation, cattleman on farm; daughter, Minnie, age, 28; place of birth, Hadwell Downs, Burford, Gloucestershire; occupation, house keeper. [father and sister]

Census 1891
Place of birth, Coln St Rogers, Gloucestershire, c. 1866; age, 25; occupation, under carter; address, Furzey Hill, Kempsford, Gloucestershire; living with, father, John; age, 55; place of birth, Eastleach; occupation, head carter; mother, Jane; age, 55; place of birth, Southrop, Gloucestershire; brother, Evan; age, 23; place of birth, Coln Rogers; occupation, under carter; sister, Minnie, age, 18; place of birth, Holwell Down, Gloucestershire; brother, John, age, 15; place of birth, Marston Maisey, Wiltshire; occupation, agricultural labourer.

Census 1881
Place of birth Coln St Rogers, Gloucestershire, c. 1866; age, 15; address, Furzey Hill Cottages, Kempsford, Gloucestershire; occupation, agricultural labourer; living with, father, John; age, 49; place of birth, East Leach, [Eastleach] Gloucestershire; mother, Jane; age, 44; place of birth, Southrop, Gloucestershire; brother, George, place of birth, East Leach; age, 19; occupation, agricultural labourer; brother, Evan; age, 13; place of birth, Coln St Rogers; occupation, agricultural labourer.

Place of birth, Coln Rogers, Gloucestershire, c. 1866, age 5; address, Ringwood Farm, Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire; living with father, John; 39; place of birth, Eastleach, Gloucestershire; occupation, agricultural labourer; mother, Jane; age, 35; place of birth, Southrop, Gloucestershire; brother, George E.; age, 9; place of birth, Eastleach; Emily Jane; age, 8; place of birth, Eastleach; sister, Alice; age, 6; brother, Evans [Evan]; age, 3; sister, Lucy; age, 1; place of birth all siblings except George and Emily Jane, Coln Rogers, Gloucestershire.



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