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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameBeckett, James
Date of Birth1864
Location/CommunityEaton Hastings
NotesBirth / baptism
Berkshire, Faringdon, 1864, Jan, Feb, Mar, Vol. 2c;
Ashbury, Berkshire, 26 February, 1864 [AB]

Berkshire, Faringdon, 1901, Jul, Aug, Sep, Vol. 2c p 602; married probably Ann Archer with whom he was lodging in 1901.

Death / burial
Berkshire, Wantage, 1940, age, 76, vol. 2c, p 1082;
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Ashbury, Berkshire, c. 1864, age, 47, address, Canada Lane, Faringdon, Berkshire; occupation, agricultural labourer; widower; living in the household of Elizabeth Bond, age, 77, place of birth, Littleworth, Faringdon; occupation, old age pensioner; her grand daughter, Alice Nora King, age, 10; place of birth, Faringdon; scholar.

Census 1901
Place of birth, Ashdown, Berkshire, c. 1865, age, 36; occupation, woodman on estate; address, Canada Road, Great Faringdon; lodger in the household of Ann Archer, age, 45; place of birth, Faringdon; married; her daughters, Bertha A., age 11; Emily, age 2, place of birth both siblings, Faringdon.

Census 1891
Place of birth, Ashbury, Berkshire, c. 1865, age, 26; address, Southampton Terrace, Farringdon, Berkshire; occupation, general labourer; lodger in the household of Martha Whipp; age, 65; place of birth, Abingdon, Berkshire; widow.

Census 1881
Place of birth, Ashbury, Berkshire, c. 1864, Age, 17; address, Ashdown, Lodge, Ashbury; occupation, carter and fogger; living with, brother, John; age, 22; place of birth, Bishopstone, Wiltshire; occupation, agricultural labourer; sister, Emily, place of birth, Ashbury, Age, 15, scholar.

Census 1871
Listed as James Becket. Place of birth, Ashbury, Ashdown Pk [Park], Berkshire, c. 1864, age, 7; address, 2 Ashdown Park Cottage; scholar; living with, father, Charles; age, 49; occupation, groom; widower; brother, John, age, 12; place of birth, Bishopstone, Wiltshire; gardeners boy; brother, Charle; age, 10; plce of birth, Bishopstone; scholar; sister, Emily, age, 5; place of birth, Ashbury; also, Elizabeth Rogers, age, 41; place of birth, ?, Northamptonshire; house keeper, widow; her daughter, Mary Ann Rogers; age, 10; place of birth, Watchfield, berkshire; Henry Simson; age, 27; place of birth, Ashbury, occupation, carter, lodger.



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