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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameDawes, Eli
Date of Birth1861
NotesBirth / baptism
Ely Dawes. Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1860, Oct, Nov, Dec, Vol. 6a, p 293;
Dawes (or Daws) was baptized at Kempsford on 27 January 1861, son of John, a shoemaker from Hannington (Wilts), and Mary; Southrop, [AB]; Kempsford, Gloucestershire, 27 January, 1861 [AB]; Southrop, Gloucestershire, 1861, Census, 1901.

Gloucestershire, Northleach, 1882, Oct Nov Dec, Vo. 6a, p 741; Eli Dawes married Mary Jane Taylor;
He married at Southrop on 28 October 1882 Mary Jane Taylor, when he was unable to sign his name, though his bride was literate.[AB]

Death / burial
Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1951, Jan, Feb, Mar, Vol. 7b, p 609, age, 91;
Southrop on 13 March 1951, aged 91. [AB].

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, 24/3/51 p.6 [Local News: Southrop]

Death of Mr Eli Dawes

The death occurred on Saturday, March 10, of Mr Eli Dawes, at the ripe old age of 91. During his later years he resided at Sunnyside, Southrop, the home of his son Mr Albert Dawes, where he was devotedly tended and cared for. Eli, as he was familiarly known, loved on fine days to be taken out in an invalid chair, along the country roads he knew so well, when he spoke with everyone he met and maintained a vigorous interest in rural affairs. Born at Kempsford, he came as a young man to Southrop, where he lived for 70 years. As an employee of the late Mr Edmonds and the late Mr T. Arkell, at Manor Farm, he was a good and conscientious worker. But he was also interested in pig breeding, and became a well-known figure at country markets, until advancing age caused his retirement about ten years ago.

[Funeral at Southrop on ‘Thursday of last week’. ‘Rock of Ages’ sung. Many floral tributes]

My particular thanks to Dr. C J Bearman who researched a number of Gloucestershire singers as part of the Singing Landscape Project, 2008 - 2010 with whose kind permission this obituary is reproduced.
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Kempsford, Gloucestershire, c. 1861, age, 50; address, Southrop, Lechlade, Gloucestershire; occupation, agricultural labourer; living with, wife, Mary Jane, age, 52; place of birth, Southrop; son, Reginald, age, 17; occupation, agricultural labourer; daughter, Florance Emily, age, 15; occupation, help at home; place of birth both siblings, Southrop.

Census 1901
Place of birth, Southrop, Gloucestershire, c. 1861, age, 40; address, Cottage, Southrop; occupation, agricultural labourer; living with, wife, Mary J., age, 42, place of birth, Southrop; son, William, age, 16, occupation, agricultural labourer; son, Sydney, age,14; occupation, agricultural labourer; son, Reginald, age, 7; daughter, Emily, age, 5, place of birth all siblings Southrop; Also, mother in law, Lucy Taylor, age, 77; place of birth Cambridge.

Census 1891
Place of birth, Southrop, Gloucestershire; c.1861, age, 30; address, Cottage, Southrop; living with, wife. Mary J., age, 32, place of birth Southrop; son, William K., age, 6; scholar; son, Sidney G., age, 4; scholar; son, Albert, age, 2; place of birth all siblings, Southrop; also, mother in law, Lucy Taylor, age 67; place of birth, Cambridge; widow.

Census 1881
Listed as Eli Daws. Place of birth Kemsford [Kempsford], Gloucestershire; c. 1861; age, 20; address, Cottage, Southrop; occupation, agricultural labourer; boarder. Living in the household of John Wells, age, 62; place of birth, Southrop; occupation, agricultural labourer.

Census 1871
Place of birth, Kempsford, Gloucestershire; c. 1861; age, 10; address, Wharf, Kempsford; occupation, farm servant; living with, father, John Dawes, age, 51; place of birth, Harrington, Wiltshire; occupation, shoe maker; mother, Mary, age, 46; place of birth, Kempsford; occupation, soap maker; sister, Jane W., age 24; occupation, laundress; brother, Jenry, age, 8; scholar; sister, Ann, age, 6; scholar; sister, Maria S., age, 4; place of birth all siblings Kempsford.

Census 1861
Listed at Eli Daus. Place of birth, Kempsford, Gloucestershire; c. 1861; age, 4 months; address, in village, Kempsford. living with, grandfather, William Lord, age 70; place of birth, Ashbury, Berkshire; occupation, hurdle maker; widower; mother, Mary, age, 36; place of birth, Kempsford; brother, William K, age, 17; occupation, hurdle maker; sister, Jane, age, 14; scholar; brother, Jesse, age, 12; scholar; brother, Alfred, age, 9; scholar; sister, Hannah, age, 7; scholar; sister, Emily, age, 6; scholar; sister, Eliza, age, 4; scholar; sister, Mary A, age, 1; place of birth all siblings, Kempsford.



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