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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameGascoigne, Herbert
Date of Birth1870
NotesListed by Alfred Williams as H Gascoigne.

Birth / baptism
Somerset, Bath, 1869, Oct, Nov, Dec, Vol. 5c, p. 636, [Henry Herbert];

Bath, Somerset, c. 1870 [AB]

Gloucestershire, Tetbury, 1891, Oct, Nov, Dec, Vol. 6a, p. 733, Herbert Gascoigne married Elizabeth Neale.

Death / burial
Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1925, Vol. 6a, p 489, age. 55;

10 April, 1925 [AB].

Williams / others notes
Alfred Williams: The words I obtained of Mr H Gascoigne, blacksmith, Kemble, near Cirencester, who is a native of Somerset. Turpin and the lawyer, Gl 94.

Literate [AB]

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, 27/11/20 p.3 [Local news, Poulton]

Herbert Gascoigne present at funeral of Richard Carpenter representing National Master Farriers’ Association.

NB photograph in Christian Brann, Kemble, Ewen and Poole Keynes (Kemble, 1990), p.38.

In the entry on Herbert Gascoign in the Gloucestershire Folk Map compiled by Yvette Staelens and C J Bearman, Bournemouth University, it says of Gascoigne, He is said to have been one of the finest cricketers ever to play for the village.

My particular thanks to Dr. C J Bearman who researched a number of Gloucestershire singers as part of the Singing Landscape Project, 2008 - 2010 with whose kind permission this note is reproduced.
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Kilmington, Somerset, c. 1871, 42; address, 138 Kemble, Gloucestershire; occupation, shoeing and general smith; living with, wife, Elizabeth, age, 38; place of birth, Tetbury, Gloucestershire; son, Harry, age, 17; place of birth, Tetbury; occupation, grocers apprentice; son Percival, age, 15; place of birth, Cuven, Gloucestershire; occuaption, assisting in the business; also, boarder, Arthur Matthews, age, 32; place of birth, Foxham, Wiltshire; occupation, shoeing and general smith.

Census 1901
Place of birth, Kilmington, Somerset; c.1871; age, 30; address, 138 Kemble, Gloucestershire; occupation, blacksmith; living with, wife, Elizabeth, age, 27; place of birth, Tetbury, Gloucestershire; son, Albert, age, 8; son, Harry, age, 7; son, Percival, age, 5; place of birth, Kemble; place of birth all siblings, except Percivl, Tetbury.

Census 1891
Place of birth, Kilmington, Somerset; c. 1870; age, 21; address, Clipping, Tetbury, Gloucestershire; occupation, blacksmith; visitor.

Census 1881
Listed as Henery H. Gascoigne. Place of birth, Bath, Somerset; c. 1870; age, 11; address, Kilmington Common, Somerset; scholar; living with, grand father, James, age, 60; place of birth, ? Northamptonshire; occupation, blacksmith; grand mother, Emma, age, 56; place of birth, Kilmington; uncle, Samuel, age, 18; place of birth, Kilmington, occupation, blacksmith; uncle, William J, age, 10; place of birth, Kilmington; scholar.

Census 1871
Not listed but his grand father is. James Gascoyne, place of birth, Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, age, 50, address, Greenand Cottages,Kilmington, Somerset, occupation, blacksmith is listed.



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