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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameTaylor, John
Date of Birth1837
NotesBirth / baptism
No trace.
Mersey Hampton, Gloucestershire, 1837 [AB];
Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire, c. 1837 [Census 1901]

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1860, Apr, May, Jun, Vol. 6a, p. 629; John Taylor married possibly Elizabeth Weaving.

Elizabeth Taylor died, Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1860, Jul, Aug, Sep, Vol.

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1871, Jul, Aug, Sep, Vol. 6a, p. 617, John Taylor married Kezia Orum.

Death / burial
Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 1920, Jul, Aug, Sep, Vol. 6a, p. 348, age, 83.

20 September, 1920 [AB]

Williams / others notes
Alfred Williams: My dashing little hunter, Gl.125. At the end of the transcription there is deleted note - John Taylor, Poulton, Glos, old groom [CDW]

Literate [AB]

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, 25/9/20 p.7 [Local news: Poulton]


During the past week, there has passed away one of the oldest inhabitants of this village in the person of John Taylor, who died on Thursday, September 16th, at the ripe age of 83 years, after a long and painful illness. Born in Maisey Hampton, the deceased came under public notice by carrying out the duties of rural postman between Cricklade and Poulton. These duties he carried out for many years at a time when such journeys were done only on foot. Besides his work as postman, his energies were also directed to various other walks in life, notably as colt-breaker, as sportsman, and likewise in the hunting field

[2 sons, 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren.

Favourite hymn For ever with the Lord, Let saints on earth in concert sing at graveside.

My particular thanks to Dr. C J Bearman who researched a number of Gloucestershire singers as part of the Singing Landscape Project, 2008 - 2010 with whose kind permission this obituary is reproduced.
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Misey [Maisey] Hampton, Goucestershire, c. 1837, age, 74; address, The Knapp, Poulton, Fairford, Gloucestershire; occupation, old age pensioner, agricultural labourer; widower.

Census 1901
Place of birth, Marsey [Maisey] Hampton, Gloucestershire; c. 1837; Age, 64; address, London Road, Poulton, Gloucestershire; occupation, coachman, retired; living with, wife, Keyia [Kezia], age, 55; place of birth, Poulton, Gloucestershire; daughter, Emily, age, 26; place of birth, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire; occupation, parlour maid.

Census 1891
Place of birth, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire; c. 1836; Age, 55; address, Cheduba, Crosswater? Park, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire; occupation, coachman, domestic, groom; living with, wife, Keziah, age, 45; place of birth, Poulton, Gloucestershire; not employed; living in the household of Francis M. Scott, age, 55; place of birth, Ireland; occupation, clerk in holy orders.

Census 1881
Listed as John Faylor. Place of birth, Maiseyhampton [Maisey Hampton], Gloucestershire; c. 1837; Age, 44; address, in village Maiseyhampton; occupation, colt breaker, horse; living with, wifer, Kezia,age, 36; place of birth, Poulton, Goucestershire; son, Edward, age, 19; place of birth, Down Hampney, Gloucestershire; occupation, groom, domestic servant; daughter, Kizia, age, 9; scholar; placw of birth, Maiseyhampton.

Census 1871
Place of birth, Maisey Hayton [Hampton], Gloucestershire;c. 1837; Age, 34; address, Straw Paddock, Cricklade, Wiltshire; occupation, post man; widowed; boarder, living in the household of Peter Wakefield, age, 29; place of birth, Cirencester, Gloucestershire; occupation, stone mason.

Census 1861
Place of birth, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire; c. 1837; Age, 24; address, Forty, Cricklade, Wiltshire; occupation, Post Office letter carrier; lodger in the household of Sarah Fitchew, age, 69; place of birth, Cricklade; widow.

Census 1851
Place of birth, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire; c. 1838; Age, 13; address, in village, Maiseyhampton; occupation, errand boy; living with, father, Thomas, age, 47; place of birth, Maisey Hampton; occupation, outdoor servant; mother, Mary Anne, age, 53; place of birth, Bibury, Goucestershire; sister, Jane, age, 17; occupation, teacher in school; sister, Anne, age, 11; place of birth all siblings, Maisey Hampton.

Census 1841
Place of birth, Gloucestershire; c. 1837; Age, 4; address, in village, Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire;living with, father,Thomas, age, 35; occupation,agricultural labourer; mother, Mary, age, 40; sister, Catherine, age, 17; brother, Edward, age, 9; sister,.Jane, age, 8; sister, Ann, age, 1.



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