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Folk Biography Information

Folk Biography Information

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NameBlake, William
Date of Birth1828
NotesBirth / baptism
Quidhampton, Wiltshire, c. 1828 / 1829

Some time between 1861 and 1871

Death / burial
No trace

Wiiliams / others notes
Ralph Vaughan-Williams, sung by Mr Blake, Salisbury Union, workhouse, Sept 1st, 1904.

Traced using Blake and Harnham as key words, the Salisbury Workhouse being located there [CDW]
Census InformationCensus 1911
Place of birth, Quidhampton, Wiltshire, c. 1828, age, 82; address, Harnham, [inmate, presumably at Salisbury Workhouse], occupation, formerly picture frame maker; widower.

Census 1901
Place of birth, Quidhampton, Wiltshire c. 1828; Age, 73; Address, Workhouse, Harnham; Widower; Occupation, picture frame maker;

Census 1891
Place of birth, Quidhampton, c. 1829; Age, 62; Occupation picture framer; Address, H Wells Court, St Edmund, Salisbury; Living with, wife, Harriet, Age, 67; place of birth, Cheltenham; son, Thomas, Age, 28; place of birth, Wilton; occupation, labourer; grand son, William J, Age, 5; scholar; grand son, Herbert, Age, 3. Place of birth, both siblings Salisbury.

Census 1881
No trace

Census 1871
Place of birth, Quidhampton, c. 1831; Age, 40; Occupation, gardener; Address, 12 Queens Road, Christchurch, Hampshire; Living with, wife, Sophia, Age, 34; place of birth, ?; son, William, Age, 7; place of birth, Salisbury; scholar; son, Thomas, Age, 4; place of birth, Hamble; daughter, Louisa, R, Age, 3; place of birth, Winchester; son, Edgar, C, Age, 1; place of birth, Winchester. Lodger, Henry J Bailey, Age, 24; groom, place of birth, Winchester.

Census 1861
Place of birth, Quidhampton, c. 1832; Age, 29; Occupation, groom; Address, in village, Baverstock; Living alone.

Census 1851
No trace

Census 1841
Place of birth, Wiltshire, c. 1832; Age, 9; Living with, father, William, Age, 40; occupation, agricultural labourer; mother, Ann, Age, 40; brother, George, Age, 15; sister, Maria, Age, 13; sister, Mary, Age, 12; brother, Henry, Age, 7; brother Samuel, Age, 11 months.



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