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Folklore Calendar Information

Folklore Calendar Information

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SourceWSRO 3433 Folklore folder
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NotesChitterne is the only village in which I have taken part in the dancing of a genuine 'folk dance', on the green sward, which was traditional in the village, and had not been revivied by some intelligent student of old country ways. It was called 'Bricks and Mortar'. It was rather an exhausting dance, especially on a warm summer's evening, on the day of a Club Feast, as one never stopped dancing. It was, certainly, not among the best country dances, and this, I suppose, is the reason why it has not been revived of late years. I look back, however, to 'Bricks and Mortar' with a cettain affection, because I have danced it with the village lads and lasses on the green.' W S Swayne - Parson's pleasure, 1934



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