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Folklore Calendar Information

Folklore Calendar Information

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EventDance - Barber's Jig
CommunityStratford Tony
DateWhit Monday
SourceWSRO 3433 Folklore folder
Last Noted1914
NotesHeld in the paddock by the White Hart. On the Monday there was the Club March with the band to the Church then to the pub. On Tuesday a dance, 'A man dressed in a smock and an old hat sat in a chair whilst the members danced round him. They were dressed in amusing clothes - the more extraordinary they looked, the more laughter they caused. One carried a chopper, one a gridiron and another a large sifter full of flour. The latter sprinkled the flour over the man in the chair and the gridiron was put against his face. The three men then proceeded to shave him with the choppper. Meanwhile the others dance around him.' WI Scrapbook.



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