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Folklore Calendar Information

Folklore Calendar Information

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EventMummers Play
Date24th December
SourceWSRO 3433 Folklore folder
Last Noted
NotesRemote and secluded as Chitterne then was in a fold of the Plain, it retained more than most country village some of the old ways. The 'Mummers' were in evidence at Christmas time, and visited all the chief houses in the village, including the Vicarage. It was quite clear that they only remembered fragments of what had once been a very much longer 'mummers' play. The portions they remembered did not seem to be consecutive and did not make very good sense. They wore head dresses made like mitres with coloured paper and tinsel, and their coats were adorned all over with ribbons of coloured paper or calico, and they were armed with wooden swords.' W S Swayne - Parson's pleasure, 1934



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