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Bradford on Avon

Berryfield House, Bradford on Avon

Berryfield House, Bradford on Avon Date Photo Taken 2006
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Berryfield, or Bearfield, House was built in the early 19th century. Bearfield is an area in the north of the town. In the mid 19th century it was the home of Ezekiel Edmonds, Liberal M.P. and Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Wiltshire, while in the late 19th century it was occupied by Gerald Fitzgerald, a barrister. After that it was owned by Brigadier General Llewellen Palmer who, after service in the First World War, was M.P. for the constituency from 1918-22. He was a benefactor to both Bradford and Trowbridge, particularly in education and help for young people. He also gave land to be used as school gardens and playing fields.

He lived there until the early 1930s, maintaining the 'big house' tradition. By 1939 it had been empty for some time and was requisitioned by Wiltshire County Council in August to be used as a maternity hospital. This was in anticipation of the arrival of evacuees and their mothers. It continued as a maternity hospital until 1979 when it became Bradford on Avon Hospital.

Since the hospital closed in 2006 the site has been developed for housing. The main house has been converted for domestic use, houses built in the grounds, and a residential home is being built.

If anyone born at Berryfield House, or who worked there as a nurse, has a photograph of the house when it was a maternity hospital we would be very happy to upload it with your permission.


Peter Blick said:

I was born at Berryfield in early May 1948 under the supervision (I understand) of Dr Malony at a study weight of 13lbs. Both my daughters were also born here 1971 & 1974. During the birth of one Dr Malony was also in attendance and chatted about my birth much to the annoyance of my good lady.
Posted 15/07/2020
Terry Harwood said:

I was born in Berryfield House on 14th October 1946. My mother lived in New Cross London.
Posted 05/03/2020
Lesley Worstencroft said:

I was born in Berryfield House 17 August 1945. My mother was evacuated, I was told, because our home in Chingford, Essex was near a reservoir and therefore a target although war in Europe had already ended. On my birth cert it states she was living at 22 Southville Gdns, Bradford on Avon but I have been told that address does not exist. My father travelled down by train to see us as we had to stay for a month after I was born. I was able to visit the Hospital before it closed and went into the hall to see the beautiful stained glass window on the stairway. Im glad it has become a family home again.
Posted 05/02/2020
Sheena Barnett said:

My 3 boys were born here, 1973,1976 &1977. It was the most wonderful maternity hospital. The staff were amazing, especially Sister Ellis. I must admit to being extremely bias as my father was Dr. MacMath the resident gynecologist and obstetrician. I loved going around the gardens with a fish pond and looking into the old stables still with tiled stalls. Every Christmas day I would go with my father to Berryfields to see the Christmas babies and he would carve the turkey for all the mothers and staff. My mother, who was involved with the hospital fete once asked Cary Grant if he would open it. He personally called her at home to sayvhe wasn't able to. She never forgot that wonderful moment! I also remember being a beater in the surrounding woods when the shooters were out. Happy happy times.
Posted 26/01/2020
Anne-Marie said:

My older brother was born here in Feb 1946 to my mum - which is strange since she was from a quiet area of Wales and had no connection to BoA. I only found this out when I saw the birth entry she'd written in an old family bible. The events surrounding his birth were never discussed as I have since discovered my mum and dad weren't married at the time. From reading through the comments - is it possible that other births here were to illegitimate children - which was a big deal back then?
Posted 17/12/2019
john eaton said:

Hi my sister was born at Berryfield house on the 12th of july 1942 did anyone have any photos of the house that i could download or purchase many thanks john eaton
Posted 02/12/2019
Eileen Thomas said:

I was born in a nursing home at Bradford on Avon 13th February. We lived in Corsham at the time. My mothers name was Cecilia (Sheila) Hamilton. I assume it was their one. It was snowing the day I was born.
Posted 27/09/2019
Roger said:

i was born at Berryfield House on 2nd October 1945 and today visited again with my wife and mother who is now 97. She was evacuated from barking and although the war over decided to still go to have me. The house is now set in beautiful grounds and renovated to 4 luxury homes through large automatic gates. She remembers arriving and it quite daunting as she’d not been away before, arriving by coach with other young girls from barking and the east end of london. The girls were taken to different homes and my mother the last drop off to a lovely family in the Tonbridge road who made her very welcome. The father was away in the RAF. They had two little boys, one 3 and the other about 6. During the day my mother used to walk to town and meet some of the other girls and we visited the tea shop across the road. She remembers the lovely younger lad used to sit with her and learnt to knit. He also took her for a walk across a field nearby. The return was by train to london where my father met her on the platform with a car waiting. Bradford on Avon is a lovely town and we made it a day full of memories.
Posted 23/05/2019
Julie Davis said:

Hi Sean We have checked and unfortunately have no admission registers of the date you require to discover which hospital you were born in. We hold a register written by the Medical Officer of Health for Swindon which gives you your birth date, time and weight, and additional details including your mother's address at the time and reported location following discharge.
Posted 22/03/2019
Sean Cafferty said:

Hi My birth certificate shows "Maternity Hospital, Swindon". I have looked on-line and I find it confusing to find which hospital I was born in as the Kingshill Maternity Home closed just before I was born and Princess Margaret Hospital didn't have a maternity ward at that time. I was wondering if you might know what was the "Maternity Hospital" in Swindon in November 1960. Much obliged
Posted 20/03/2019
David Gibbs said:

I was born in Berrifield house 23 January 1944 mothers name was Vera Patricia Gibbs new Scase. Would like to find out anything about my parentage. I was adopted/fostered a few weeks old. Didn't know until I was thirty two.mother was originally from plumpstead.
Posted 31/10/2017
Julie Davis said:

Hi Norman. Yes it's fine to upload any of the images on this site for your own personal use; thanks for asking.
Posted 31/10/2017

I was born at Berryfield House on the 25th June 1941. Mum had been evacuated from Woolwich and lived on a farm in Devizes. Dad was in the army based in Wiltshire when I was born. I visited the house in 1961 when I was working in London and in 1979 with my mother and family when on holiday in England in 1979. My Mother had not been back to the house since I was born, but can remember sitting on the balcony with me at the front of the house. We migrated to Western Australia in 1953 and I still live near Fremantle. I have a photo of my mother and I shortly after I was born and a photo of me in front of the house in 1961. Can I upload these photos?
Posted 28/10/2017
Peter Jones said:

I was born in Berryfield House in July 1942. My mother was evacuated from Walworth in London, having been discharged from the WAAF. She always claimed that I had been born in a pantry, and I was able to confirm this when I visited Berryfield House in the early Seventies and found that the large walk-in pantry under the stairs was still being used as the delivery room.
Posted 23/09/2017
Jonathan Roberts said:

I was born here in 1967, but was put up for adoption soon after. After doing some research on my birth mother, i was interested to see the hospital I was born in. Unfortunately this was ack in 2006, so reading about it, the berryfield maternity hospital, which later became Bradford on Avon hospital, had been closed and ready for redevelopments in and around the land. It's a shame, but atleast the old house still stands but is internally 4 houses. It's a small world, because my wife's grandparents mr and mrs Hall was involved with the adoption agency. Her grandfather was a orthopaedic surgeon who work at what is now the rumitoid hospital in Bath, and her Granny was a well know nurse, I think matron at the same hospital, but was involved with the adoption society in Bath. As it turns out, they dealt with me as a baby, who would of known! Nice to read about other people's memories.
Posted 07/09/2017
Pearl Monger said:

I was born at Bradford-on-Avon on 25th December 1942. Yes Christmas Day! As my mother, who was 17 years old, was evacuated from Woolwich London I presume I was born in Berryfield House. My mother is now 92 years old but has never told me anything about our past. My father was 21 and was not in the forces I believe due to ill health. Wonderful to have a possible link to my past. Unfortunately, I have no photos. I live in Australia.
Posted 15/07/2017
Alex Papamichael said:

I was born at Berryfield House (Bradford on Avon Maternity Hospital) in September 1960. My dad was based I believe at Warminster at this time. I have a couple of pictures of me being held by the Matron and a Nurse on the steps of the Hospital. not really a picture of the building but would be good to see if the pictures location could be worked out.
Posted 04/07/2017
Stephen Ring said:

I was born at Berryfields at 8.00am on 26th April 1943. My Mother, Charlene Ring had been sent there from Catford, London, SE6,and at the time my Father was working in the Midlands, building the Lancaster Bombers. That day was Easter Monday, the latest it can be, so I'll have to be 400 years old before it comes round again! I saw Berryfields some years ago, when you could get a clear view of it, and was surprised at how small it seemed. It was still great to see where I was born, and I'm glad it has been refurbished and not replaced.
Posted 31/05/2017
Julie Davis said:

Here at the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre we are not aware of any euphemistic addresses being used for Berryfield House in Bradford. There is a Berryfields estate in Melksham and a maternity unit was set up at the town's cottage hospital during WWII. An archivist would be happy to take a look at the certificate to see if they can offer any further suggestions. Please send a digital copy to archives@wiltshire.gov.uk.
Posted 23/03/2017
Heather Pickup (ne Lapham) said:

I was born here on 6th March 1946 as my mother, Palma Lapham, had been evacuated from London. However my birth certificate gives my place of birth as Melksham (this discrepancy has caused some minor problems recently). Was this normal at the time?
Posted 22/03/2017
Stephanie Diane Nel said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 4th November 1946.My mother was Mollie Foster (ne King). I have no idea why I was born there, as my father, a GP, and my maternal grandparents, lived in Sheffield. I know very little about the circumstances of my birth, apart from the fact that my mother had very good friends, the Taits (Tates ?) who lived in Bath. They had a daughter of about my age, named Moira. Six weeks after my birth I was taken to Sheffield and handed over to my grandparents , who raised me until I was in my teens.
Posted 14/01/2017
Sue Pointon said:

I believe I was born here on 11th August 1944. My mother was Constance Richardson, unmarried, from Swindon. My father was Benjamin Riley a 1st Lieut in US Army and moved on to France with 70th Tank Battalion. I was adopted 1 month later - never met either of them! Considering a visit to the area in 2017.
Posted 31/12/2016
Deborah Perry said:

Lovely to see the 'babies' born at the hospital. I have recently discovered that my mother Stella Minnie Irene Cheek was born at this hospital on 03 November 1940. Her mother was evacuated from Downham Kent (in Bromley area). We are now planning a weekend next year to visit her place of birth.
Posted 06/11/2016
Christine Allen said:

My Great grandmother was Alice Bury Edmonds, daughter of Ezekiel Edmonds. Alice and her husband Henry Fitzgerald Allen migrated to New Zealand in 1869. Their only son had 13 children. Alice has many descendants in New Zealand. It is exciting to see her former home.
Posted 21/10/2016
Tom Bowditch said:

I was born in this house on 19th June 1944 and was amazed to learn when arranging to get married that my wife was also born there, but not in the same year! My mother had come from Mottingham, South East London and my wife's mother had come from Pimlico, south west London. Both our Fathers were serving in the Army
Posted 06/10/2016
Christine Scott said:

My son Charles Andrew Hilton was born in the hospital on the 13th July, 1973. At the time I was given the choice of giving birth in Trowbridge or Bradford, we lived in Westbury at the time. My son now lives in LA with his wife and daughter.
Posted 12/08/2016
Peter Hobdell said:

Hi was born in BerryField house on 2n August 1944. My Mother evacuated from London. Greenford Middlesex I believe. My Father was a Rigger in London a reserved occupation. Along with my family we emigrated to New Zealand in 1952.
Posted 25/05/2016
Maria Landry said:

I was born on fFebruary 1946 of Bradford-on-avon. My mother was evacuated from London and talked to me about the bridge she used to walk before I was born. Then my parents came to Canada because she was married with a soldier from Canada. They still live. Dad will be 99 years old on the 12 th of May and Mom was 88 years old in last December. I really wish to go back one day. Meanwhile I would appreciate having picture of that hospital and the little bridge and correspond with people who still live there. Thank you very much for writing me at Maria.landry@videotron.ca. Have a nice day everyone!
Posted 21/03/2016
Jackie McDougall said:

I was born at midnight at Bradford-on Avon Maternity Hospital in November 1949. My father (Geoffrey Turner) was a keen rugby player and had a match that day that he had no intention of missing. He got the rugby team coach to drop him off at the maternity hospital after the match and they sang outside my mothers window.
Posted 20/03/2016
Kath.Staddon(ne O,Sullivan said:

I did part 2 of my midwifery training there in 1963( the district part of training I did in Swindon). The staff then stayed at Woolley Grange which was the nurses home.When. I finished my training,I worked as a midwife at Trowbridge hospital and was still allowed to live at Woolley Grange: I even had a taxi provided as transport. I moved to Western Australia in 1965 where I still live. I have a group staff photo take inside the building at a Christmas dinner.
Posted 22/02/2016
Bernard Harris said:

I was born in Berryfield House on the 21st December 1942.My mother was evacuated from Woolwich, South East London. My father was serving in North Africa at that time, with the 51st Highland Division. I visited Berryfield House several years ago, it was closed.
Posted 10/10/2015
Suzanne Ellis said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 24th November 1942. My mother was evacuated from Charlton London SE9 but we didn't stay in Berryfield long as she wanted to get back to London. My father was in the army and when he was on leave we went to Wales so backwards and forwards to London. My brother ended up being born in the blitz in London in 1944.
Posted 01/09/2015
Jill Ford nee Andrews said:

My mother was evacuated to Woolley Grange from Deptford and I was born in Berryfields hospital 13th November 1943. My mother died in 1961 so I didn't get to talk to her about it much but after visiting Bradford on Avon I cannot imagine how those young mums felt being in such a lovely place so different from London. Any photos of the war years would be appreciated
Posted 27/04/2015
Valerie Dorey said:

I was born at The Hall on 1st October 1939. My mother was evacuated from Kensal Rise London. I have a postcard which was sent to her on her birthday which she celebrated on 6th September whilst waiting for my arrival! I was told that the babies slept in drawers as cots were not available. Valerie Dorey.
Posted 21/01/2015
Diana Jo Howlett said:

I was born here on 7th February 1960,my parents ran a farm in nearby Wolverton. My mothers name was Diana Dawe Lane, she always talked of a friend she made who had a daughter at the same time, I think her name was Karen or Carol. I took my Mum to see Berryfield a few years ago which she loved doing.
Posted 17/11/2014
Jeannette Sharp (nee House) said:

My mother was evacuated to Berryfield House in 1941 because of the severe bombing in Plymouth.She was there for over 3 months, before my brother and I were born in July 1941. I think we were the first twins born there.
Posted 12/09/2014
David Sowman said:

I was born here in 1959 my father was in the Forces: my father was in Cyprus and my mother was in Corsham .
Posted 05/09/2014
Roy Nicolaides said:

My mother, Marion Moncreif, was evacuated to Berryfield House from Clapham where my parents ran a cafe. I was born in the house on March 22 1943. I have now lived in the US, where I am a mathematics professor, for more than half my life. Thanks to the organizers and contributors to this website for giving life to a nearly vanished part of history.
Posted 21/07/2014
Sharon Coxon (nee Moore) said:

Me and my sister (Vera) were born here on the 10th August 1973. As far as we are aware, we were the first twins to be born here.
Posted 20/07/2014
Charlie read said:

My Nan was born here on the 17th July 1946. Unfortunately we do not know if her birth mother was the woman who brought her up or her aunt (mothers sister) if anyway was here during this time and could identify whether it was either sister then that would be great. please feel free to contact me at charmedhome@hotmail.com. Thank you
Posted 11/07/2014
Alexandra Brett said:

I was born here on 30 January 1971 and went back to see a few years ago, before I moved aboard.
Posted 15/05/2014
Ralph Richard Smithers said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 4th March 1941 but have only just found this website and the house due to my wife and I going through some old photos of my parents and coming across a picture with "Berryfield 1941" on the back. My mother was evacuated there from Streatham London SW16 due to being bombed out a number of times. My father was a coach driver with E.N.S.A. he had been turned down by the Royal Navy and the Marines due to this important job. I hope to be visiting Bradford on Avon soon and will look up Berryfield House My mother and father kept on about this wonderful country house but that was as far as it went in those days. Finding the photo and having the internet to find out about it was interesting and has fueled my enthusiasm for a visit. My mother went on about a wonderful Irish nurse who looked after her and although I was named Ralph after my father the nurse said I looked like a Michael, a nick-name which has stuck ever since.
Posted 23/03/2014
Rosina McCamley said:

I was born here on 25th May 1958 to Dorothy Nesta McCamley(nee DOEL of B-o-A) and Terence McCamley. My aunt, Miss Muriel Doel was a sister here at the time and somewhere I still have my cot birth information on COW AND GATE with the names and signatures of all the nursing staff present. One became a godmother and I only remember her first name until I find the card! My Aunt Molly used to take me up to the hospital every Christmas for carol singing and again in the summer for the fete. It was a beautiful building.
Posted 09/02/2014
Jeremy Saxton said:

I was born at Berryfield on 7 March 1959. Dad (john) was based at warminster with the REME. Mum (Joan) now lives in Kent. Now living in Sussex I hope to visit Berryfield later this year.
Posted 06/02/2014
Ann Trebell (nee Crofts) said:

I was born here on 9th September 1957 to (I believe) a Jeanne King, I was named Alison Jane, but then adopted by Mary and Eric Crofts. We lived at Kingsdown Nr Swindon but I believe my birth mother came from the Bristol area, I have tried to find her for the past 5 years with no result. It looks a lovely place but on a visit to Bradford on Avon we could not find it, although we asked many people at the time.
Posted 01/02/2014

I was born here on 22nd March 1955 my father was a locomotive fireman on the Great Western Railway at the time we lived for a short time after my birth in Trowbridge where my birth was registered we lived at 26 Wingfield Road. I have only visted the site twice but feel proud to have been born in such a beautifully building. My parents moved to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent a few months later and we have lived there ever since. My thoughts always return to Bradford on Avon and this wonderful house love to know more about his history and its fate.
Posted 31/01/2014
Terence Osborne said:

I was born at Berryfield House 1943; my mothe,r Doris Osborne (nee Weston), having been evacuated from Catford South East London. My mother has now passed on and it is a pity I didnt find this site while she and my father were alive. She would have known at least two of the mothers mentioned on the site, Eileen Smith's mum (19/10/43)and Madeline Scully, whose daughter was born 25/10/43. In the latter case the coincidences go further as her daughter's married name is McLean, which is also my sisters married name.
Posted 26/01/2014
Mrs Carol Ann Shinkins nee Tooth said:

I was born here on the 1st October 1945. I have wanted to find the house for years so pleased I looked on this site. My Mum died 2006 the year the house closed, she would have been so pleased I found it
Posted 22/01/2014
Bob Skinner said:

I was born there in January 1944, my Mother Rose was evacuated there from West Ealing in London whilst my Father Arthur was working for Sperry Gyroscope company in Brentford Middlesex making parts for planes on reserved occupation.
Posted 16/01/2014
linda mary scully said:

My mother [Madeline Scully nee Hancock ] was evacuated from London to Bradford on Avon in 1943, giving birth to me, Linda Mary Scully on 25th october 1943. I am attempting to clarify if I was born in Berryfield House. Are there any records of births available to peruse? With thanks, Linda Mclean [nee Scully ]
Posted 16/01/2014
Michael H. Fleming said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 6th October 1940.My Mother was evacuated from Bethnal Green. She stayed three weeks and then returned to Bethnal Green and was immediately moved out to Impington, Histon, near Cambridge to escape the bombing. I will pay my first visit in July 2014..scarey but looking forward to it!! Happy New Year to all the Berryfield Babies!!
Posted 06/01/2014
Marc Hawkins said:

Less than a week ago I was reunited with my mother who gave birth to me here on 14th march 1973, I was given up for adoption soon after.
Posted 31/05/2013
Ronald Crowe said:

I was born at Berryfield House on September 17th 1945, my mother being sent there from Bethnal Green in East London. I paid my first visit on 17th May 2013 and found the location with the help of the excellent people at the Tourist Information Centre. It is being developed and is very visible through the new gates in Berryfield Road. It was an unexpectedly emotional feeling seeing the house.
Posted 18/05/2013
Rita Clark (nee Jones) said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 7th October 1939. My mother was evacuated from London at the outset of the war. She was cared for by Mrs. Perkins at the home of Mrs. Moulton at The Hall. This is the address on my birth certificate. I have a picture of the staff (nurses) standing on the steps of Berryfield House which I shall be pleased to forward by e-mail if anyone would like to have a copy. I also have an exterior picture of the hospital taken at the same time. I was taken back to The Hall by my mother to visit in April 1962 and was made welcome. My mother was always grateful to Mrs. Moulton for taking her in as a 'refugee' of that difficult time, although she of course eventually was happy to return to her homein London in spite of air-raids.
Posted 15/04/2013
Alexandra Dale said:

I've started researching my paternal family tree and found out he was born here on 26th July 1944 to a Violet Dale.
Posted 02/04/2013
Rita Cross (nee Hanmore) said:

I was born in this house on the 3rd of June 1943 my mother was evacuated from East London to a villiage called Codford. I have never visited the house as yet but who knows maybe my 70th year?
Posted 28/03/2013
Vera Joan Jones (known as Joan) said:

I was born in Berryfield House on the 11th November 1943 as my Mum was evacuated to Bradford on Avon for my birth. She did not tell meanything about the house but did say that it was Lord Nuffields house. She lived in Lewisham and my Dad was a fireman during the war. I have never been back there but will go this year being my 70th birthday, I did not think about it before but hope I find out more about it from others,thank you
Posted 13/03/2013
Barry White said:

I was born at Berryfield House on the 6th October 1947. My father was Gordon White and my mother Muriel White.As they have now passed on, I have no information on my early years in this part of the world. My parents lived at 8 George Street, Salisbury. If anybody has any knowledge, I would appreciate it.
Posted 20/02/2013
Trish Colton said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 25th March 1944, so I can't help wondering if Mrs Nilsson and my mother, Dorothy Johnson, knew each other as her son was born the next day. Mum often told me that on the day I was born there were daffodils in bloom all the way down the drive. It's taken me all these years to find Berryfield, as mum couldn't remember its name and could only describe it as a manor house. She was another one who lived in the East End of London. We returned there three weeks after I was born. It's been lovely to read about it and see all the comments. I visited Bradford many years ago and saw the Saxon church and tithe barn; wish I'd known about Berryfield then!
Posted 13/01/2013
Claire Sargint said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 7th August 1946. My parents lived in London since 1943 after being interned in Italy during the war. I now live in italy, on lake of Garda.
Posted 20/12/2012
Janet Anneta Collins said:

I was born at Berryfield House on 3rd August 1945, my Mum having been evacuated from Bermondsey. London. SE16. She told me that her bed was in the Ballroom and strangely I have been a keen ballroom dancer.
Posted 15/12/2012
Maddy Maddison nee Lee said:

I was one of the first born here in September 5 1939. My mother was transported here five days after I was due on a red double decker bus. No family member knew were she was as she was too poorly to write to them. Mum told me that the mothers who came down to Berryfield House with her had no equipment and hardly any beds to start with. She did say that when she got a little better the wonderful caring atmosphere that could not be faulted. She stayed here and in the area for about thee months. Are there any records to confirm my memories of the stories told me.
Posted 02/12/2012
Laurie Biggs said:

I was born here on the 12/01/49 I had my photo taken outside in 2000 sadly lost in fire 2009 hope to make trip back one day to retake
Posted 20/11/2012
Peter Naylor said:

I was born here on 29/11/1941 My mother was living in Kingsdown, near Swindon, having been bombed out of the East End of London. My stay in the town was only two weeks, but I have visited the house and am proud that I was born in such a fine place.
Posted 20/07/2012
Vivienne Higgins (nee Davies) said:

I was born here on April 17th 1941, Mum having been evacuated from Kensington, London. I now live in NZ. From another comment here, I think Mum was sent here because she was 40 the year I was born. Have visited the place but couldn't find anyone who knew where the house was - even a postman!! We lived in Swindon before NZ. My email is b_vhiggins@yahoo.com, love to hear from people.
Posted 22/06/2012
joan nilsson said:

My son Jeffrey Thompson was born in Berryfield House on 26 March 1944. I was evacuated from Lewisham hospital and spent a month in the house known as Woolley Grange. I am now living in California and went back to the house in 1972 and asked the present owners if I could see inside and found it was refurbished to its pre-war condition. It was a nostalgic visit!
Posted 10/06/2012
Terry Suttle said:

I was born here on 5th November 1945 my mum having been discharged from WRAF to have me. Dad was in the Navy and came down from Bromley in Kent to take us home. Apparently I cried all the way back and Dad was not too impressed.
Posted 12/05/2012
David Clarke said:

I like many others was also born at Berryfield house in January 1943 mother evacuted from London. I have only managed one visit eight years ago when it was used as a elderly persons care/hospital?. Like Peter Allin my birth certifcate shows mothers address as Woolley Grange (also visited it 8 years ago what a fabulous hotel now) place of birth berryfield house. Any pictures on line now?
Posted 01/05/2012
Richard Norman said:

I was born here at 0100 hours on the 21st March 1944; my mother had been evacuated from Camberwell, S. London. I went back to see the house while I was working in Chippenham; the hospital had closed and it looked in a sorry, derelict, state waiting to be redeveloped. NB This visit was some time ago and the building has since been renovated and is now occupied as a domestic dwelling. (ed.)
Posted 03/04/2012
joy rutter said:

I have the seen the lovely conversion of this property into residential use, due to my work, and hope the new residents will enjoy living there; I was also born at Berryfield and felt quite sentimental when visiting, knowing it was where my life began!
Posted 18/03/2012
Terry Ryan said:

My brother gave me a book about Bradford on Avon past and present, I picked it up to look at it this morning and it fell open at the page about Berryfield House.I had to check this house out and entered it into my lap top,the information this gave me confirmed this was the place I was born on the 12 Dec 1942. In 1942 my mum and dad lived in Ealing (West London).Mum and I stayed at the hospital for a while then went back to Ealing.I now live in south Buckinghamshire. If anybody has any more photos I would love to see them.
Posted 13/03/2012
Alan William Young (born as Hale) said:

I was born in Berryfield House on the 16th April 1943 and five years later was placed up for adoption with my two younger Sisters Jane Dorothy and Avril Elizabeth. We were placed in three separate families and due to our age lost touch with each other. However I traced my two sisters in my early twenties and whilst Jane (now Judith Theresa Mowder nee Stone) and I have kept in touch (now lives in the US) I've lost touch with Avril Elizabeth (Smith). The War was responsible for the breaking up of millions of families but it's really great to have found and kept in touch with Judith - known as Judy - and her Children. Also great to see the building in which I was born still around and in such good condition.
Posted 25/02/2012
Maria Webster said:

I was born there in 1966 and was adopted soon after. It was to be another 24 years before I saw this building again but this time in the company of my family i'd been reunited with. A sad place for me.
Posted 04/02/2012
Donald Wells said:

I was a pupil at Heritage House School,a prep school for Haberdashers Askes College, London SE14. I remember being evacuated with the school to Bradford on Avon,for a short while, during the Munich crisis, just before the 1939 war.
Posted 01/01/2012
robert fowle said:

My Mum was evacuated to Chapmanslade from Southend-On-Sea during the war,and I was born there in1942. This is the first time I have seen pictures of the place and it looks lovely. I can remember her telling me what a nice place it was. Now living in New Zealand,a bit more shaky over here though. Bob Fowle.
Posted 20/12/2011
david parker but born a david phillips said:

I was born at Berryfield House January 1943 my mum was a Rebecca Phillips at that timeshe was living in Peckham London. I have visited the house a few years back and asked someone some questions,and they told me about a book.Called "BRADFORD VOICES A study of Bradford on Avon through the Twentieth" Century by a Margaret Dobson,There is an interesting section which mentions that pregnent mothers would arrive from London when 8 months pregnent and stayed at a place called "Wooley Grange" which was a few years ago a "Hotel Resaraunt".which I have forgotten the name but I did visit.
Posted 09/12/2011
Peter Allin said:

I was born here on March 26 1941 as my mother had been evacuated from Camberwell in SE London. My elder sister had gone with my aunt to Preston. My father worked in Camberwell,so mother returned there as soon as she was able, despite the terrible bombing, and remained there throughout the war. I wonder when the first evacuees arrived at Berryfield?
Posted 23/10/2011
Kathleen Ann Gatter nee Butlin said:

I was born here on the 20th May 1941. Imagine my surprise when starting my secondary school one of the friends I made was Dorothy Church nee Hitchins she was born on the 13th of May 1941. We are still friends today at the age of 70 years.
Posted 30/09/2011
Keith Robinson said:

I was born here on 19th October 1943. My mother, who is now 91, was originally from Hungerford but was living at Great Bedwyn at the time. After the war we returned to South Yorkshire where my father, who is now 89, was orignally from. They will have been married for 70 years next year. I still live near Doncaster with my wife Veronica. I will be attempting to visit the house sometime in the next couple of weeks while we are staying near Stroud
Posted 07/07/2011
EIleen Smith said:

I was born at Berryfield House on the 16th July 1943. My mother and her family were evacuated from the East End of London to the Purton...Wootton Bassett area and I have lived in Wootton Bassett ever since. Surname then was Compton
Posted 07/07/2011
Dorothy Russell said:

I have just returned from a visit to Bradford on Avon and I was surprised to see that so much work is still needed on the site of Berryfield House. I was unable to see any of the conversion work inside the house and caught just a glimpse of the other properties as the site is sealed off. It was good to see where I was born though and the town is really quaint. It was worth the visit.
Posted 07/07/2011
Angela Down nee Penniall said:

I was born here on May 17th 1944, my mother was evacuated from Greenwich, I have never seen the house but would love to visit some day to see the lovely grounds if not the house, as it now boarded up, in readiness for new homes.
Posted 29/06/2011
Brian Fowle said:

I was born there on 17th February 1946.My mother had been evacuated from Southend On Sea in Essex and we lived In Chapmanslade in Wiltshire.We moved back to Essex in 1946.
Posted 08/06/2011
christpher pollard said:

I was born here 12/12/1958 apparently during a severe snow blizzard outside.I relocated to Sydney Australia in 1973 where I still reside today.(much warmer)an absolute pleasure to find this site and image on the net - many thanks.
Posted 28/04/2011
Lee dutton said:

If you visit Ashford homes web site you will be able to see some cgi pictures of what Berryfields House will look like which is almost complete and ready to be lived in. I'm the site manager of the four conversions and must say we really have done a fantastic job in the conversion. Anyone connected to this house will see how respectful we have been, and am sure will notice the high standard of craftsmanship gone into this enjoyable project.
Posted 28/03/2011
Dorothy Russell said:

I was born in this house on October 24th 1945 when my mum was evacuated from London. Although the war was over by then the planned evacuation still went ahead. I hope to visit Bradford-on-Avon in June this year and would love to see the house. The last time I was there, which was in the late 1960s, I did not find the house so I am quite looking forward to my next trip.
Posted 15/02/2011
Lee Dutton said:

I'm currently working on the Berryfield House site, which is set in 3.24 hectares so awell as turning the old hospital into 4 houses, we are building 6 town houses and also 2 bespoke houses. Ashford homes is the principle contractor.
Posted 21/11/2010
Anne Zenker nee Everett said:

I was born in this house also on 17 August 1941. I was just born there since it was during the war and my mother was evacuated from London for my birth. I now live in Canada and have visited England many times but have never been back to Bradford on Avon until now. My husband and I just returned yesterday from visit to that lovely little village. We found the house which is now being renovated into four apartments. The workmen let us go in and take a photo. We spent two weeks exploring Bradford on Avon and the surrounding area. It is so beautiful. I felt very much at home there. Hopefully I will be able to go back again some day.
Posted 09/09/2010
sheila cannon (nee french) said:

I was born in this house on 23 April 1941; I also went back to London after the war. In 1998 I was in Wiltshire with my husband and we went and found the house it was something I had always wanted to do and was very glad I did; it was an old peoples hospital at the time and the nurses there told me when it had been used for maternity I would have been been delivered in one of two rooms on the ground floor it was amazing thinking of my mum actually having me there, and she showed me the room upstairs where the mums could go and sit and have a chat together. I would love to hear from anyone else born there at that time you can email me at mill.moll@btinternet,com
Posted 30/07/2010
Marion M Baldwin said:

I was born in Berryfield House in February 1943.I have never seen the house before as we were evacuees and lived in London,so this photo of it is quite special. I plan to visit there one day soon just because I feel I have to.
Posted 24/06/2010
Patricia Attle said:

I was a pupil there in 1966, doing my midwifery , what a lovely building, came back to view this lovely building but all boarded up , so upsetting
Posted 16/05/2010
patricia stone said:

i was born here 1st march 1944 my mother was then living in cricklade wiltshire she had to come here as she was 42 at time of my birth
Posted 12/01/2010

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