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TitleMummers' play
Alternative Title
Collected FromFarmer, Charles
Source Primary
Source SecondaryEFDSS VWML Library Collection [Wilts] GRQ 25 p 25, 26
The Play
[Enter Father Christmas]

Father Christmas

Here comes I, old Father Christmas,
Welcome, or welcome not,
I hope old Father Christmas
Will never be forgot.
Roast beef, plum pudding, mince pie,
Who likes that better than you and I?
Make room, make room, for my broadsword
Let the Turkish walk in and clear the way.

[Enter the Turkish Knight]

Turkish Knight

Here comes I, the Turkish Knight,
To draw my glittering sword to fight
Fight I will before I go,
I will make King George's blood to flow.
I will cut him as small as fry,
And then he will do to make mince-pie.
I will cut him as small as dust,
And he will do to make mince-pie crust.
If you do not believe what I say,
Walk in King George, and clear the way.

[Enter King George]

King George

Here comes I, King George so bold,
To fight this man for all his gold;
If his blood's hot, my blood's cold.
A battle, a battle, we will call,
To see which on the ground first shall fall;
So guard your head and mind your blows,
We will have a battle before us goes.

[They fight. King George is wounded.]

Father Christmas

Is there a Doctor to be found
All ready here at hand,
To cure a deep and deadly wound,
And make the champion stand?

[Doctor, without]

Oh yes, there's a doctor to be found
All ready here at hand;
He can cure a deep and deadly wound,
And make the champion stand.

Father Christmas

What is thy fee, doctor?

[Doctor, without]

Fifteen guineas is my fee;
Ten I will take from a poor man like thee.

Father Christmas

Walk in, doctor, work thy will.

[Enter Doctor]


Here comes I, the little Spanish Doctor
Lately come from Spain
To cure that man from his wound again.

[The Doctor gives him medicine and King George rises. Father Christmas pays the fee.]

Father Christmas

Make room, make room I pray
Let Little Jack clear the way.

[Enter Little Jack, with children at his back]

Little Jim Jack

In come I, little Jim Jack,
With my wife and family at my back.
Although my substance is but small
I will do my best to please you all.
We are not come here
To laugh nor jeer;
But for a pocketful on money,
And a skinful of beer.
If you will not believe what I do say,
Walk in Father Beelzebub: clear the way!

[Enter Father Beelzebub]

Father Beelzebub

Here comes I, Father Beelzebub,
On my shoulder I carry my nob,
In my hand my little can -
Don't you think I'm a brave old man?
With my great head and little wit
I am the best man among the kit.
My head so big, my wit so small,
We will sing a song to please you all.

[He sings a song]

Faher Christmas

Now ladies and gentlemen,
Your sport is just ended;
So now for the box,
Which is so highly commended.
The box it would speak
If it had bit a tongue;
So throw in your money
And think it no wrong.
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Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2008.



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