Mummers' play

The Characters in the Drama performed in Wiltshire are:-

1 Old Father Christmas
2 Mince Pie
3 A Turkish [evidently a Saracen] Knight
4 St. George
5 An Italian Doctor
6 A character called Little Jack:

And the verses they repeat, divested of modern extraneous matter were as follows:

[Enter Father Christmas with a long beard]

Father Christmas

Oh! here come I old Father Christmas, welcome, or welcome not,
I hope old Father Christmas will never be forgot.
Make room! room! I say!
That I may lead Mince Pie this way.
Walk in Mince Pie, and act thy part,
And show the gentles thy valiant heart.

[Enter Mince Pie]

Room! room! ou gallant souls give me room to rhyme,
I'll show you some festivity this Christmas time.

[Enter a Turkish Knight with a wooden sword]

I am a valiant Turkish Knight,
And dare with any man to fight;
Bring me the man that bids me stand,
Who says he'll cut me down with audacious hand,
I'll cut him and hew him as small as a fly,
And send him to Satan to make mince pie.

[Enter St. George with a wooden sword]

St. George

Oh! in comes I, St. George, the man of courage bold,
With my sword and buckler I've won three crowns of gold;
I fought the fiery dragon and brought him to the slaughter;
I won a beauteous Queen - a King of Egypt's daughter:
If thy mind is high, my mind is bold,
If thy blood is hot, I'll make it cold.

[St. George and the Turkish Knight fight - the latter falls]

Turkish Knight

Oh! St. George spare my life!

Father Christmas

Is no Doctor to be found
To cure this man who's bleeding on the ground.

[Enter the Doctor]


Yes! an Italian Doctor's to be found
To cure the Knight who's bleeding on the ground:
I cure the sick of ev'ry pain,
And raise the dead to life again.

Father Christmas

Doctor, what is thy fee?


Ten pounds is my fee,
But fifteen I must take of thee
Before I set this gallant free.

Father Christmas

Work thy will Doctor.


I have a little bottle by my side
The fame of which spreads far and wide,
I drop a drop on this poor man's nose.

[The Doctor touches the Turkish Knight's nose, and he instantly springson his quite recovered]

[Enter Little Jack, a dwarf, with several dolls strapped to his back]

Little Jack

Oh! in come I, little saucy Jack,
With my wife and family at my back.
Christmas comes but once a year,
And when it does it brings good cheer:
Roast beef, plum pudding, and mince pie,
Who likes that any better than I?
Christmas ale makes us dance and sing;
Money in a purse is a very fine thing.
Ladies and gentlemen give us what you please.