Mummers' play


St. George
Humpty Jack

St. George

I am St. George of Merry England;
I offer defiance to all England's enemies.


A doctor! Ten pounds for a noble doctor.

[Enter Jack Finney, a doctor]

Jack Finney

My name's Jack Finney, a man of great power.
I can cure the itch, the pitch, the pox, the palsy and the gout,
All things within and without.
One, Jack Jenk's wife, had the rheumatics in one of her elbows.
I cured she, and she died;
And now I can cure this man,
Who shall rise up and fight St. George again.

[The doctor gives a pill to the wounded man, who instantly rises]

[Other champions, un-named, fight St. George, but all are slain.]

[To conclude, Enter Humpty Jack]

Humpty Jack

Here come I, old Humpty Jack,
With my wife and children on my back,
And out o' 'leven I got but seven,
And all the rest be gone to heaven.