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Title :The Church Survey in Wiltshire 1649-50
Author :E. J Bodington
Publisher :
Date :1919
Journal :WAM Vol. 41, pages 23-25
Full Text :Wilts Rectory of Immer. A survey of the manor lordshipp and parsonage of Immer with all the rights members and appurtenances thereof situate lying and being in the county of Wilts late parcell of the possessions or late belonging to Ricrd Bayley Doctor of Divinity and Deane of the Cathedrall Church of the Virgin Mary of Sarum made and taken by us whose names are hereunto subscribed in the month of January 1649. By virtue of a commission (&. as above).

All which premisses amongest other things that is to say All the mannor, I,ordshipp and Parsonage of Immer with all the rights members and appurtenances to the same mannor lordshipp or Parsonage or any of them belonging or appertayneing being parcells of the possessions of the Deane and chapter of Sarum Togeather with all and singular mills howses, buildings lands pastures meadowes Feadings, Gleabe lands pencions porcions rents revercions and services and Rents charge Rents secke and rents upon whatsoever Demise or graunt they be reserved, Annuityes, annuall Rents Fee Farmes, waters Fishings, Woods and underwoods Courts Leets Profitts of Courts, Furses Heaths commons moores marshes wayes, wast grounds, viewes of Franckepledge and all that doth to the view of Franekepledge doth belong or that hereafter shall or may appertayine or belonge, knights fees Wards Marriages Escheates Releifes Herryotts, Fayres, Marketts Tolls Customes Warrens Parkes Chases Libertyes Fynes Amerciaments, Villanes bondmen and their sequell goods and chattells of Fellons Waves strayes goods and chattells of Fellons, emoluments and profitts and all other hereditaments with their appurtenances whatever to the sayd mannor Lordshipp and parsonage hereby demised or any of them belonging or appertayneing, or that before that tyme have been accepted used reputed and taken as part member or parcell of the sayd Mannor Lordshipp and parsonage hereby demised or any of them sett lying and being in lmmer aforesayde in the sayde County of Wilts, were by Inenture dated the Five and Twentyeth of June 12th Carol, demised by Richard Bayly Doctor of Divinity and Deane of the Cathedrall Church of the Virgin Mary of New Sarum in the County of Wilts and the Chapter of the same Church vnto Richard Hulbert of Immer in the sayde County gentleman Habendum to the said Richard Hulbert under the yearly rent of Twenty two pounds eighteene shillings and five pence at the Feast of St Mychaell the Archangell and the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary by even portions at the greate West dore of the Cathedrall.Church of New Sarum aforesayde, But are worth upon Improvement over and above the sayde Rent per annum £88. 00 shillings 05 pence. If the Rent be behynde by the space of Foure score and Tenn dayes then a Reentry.

The Lessee is to repayre and to give notice of the several deceases of either of the lives before mencioned 2 within six moneths after, if each of them happen to dye within the Realme of England vnto the Lessors his successors etc And in default of such notice given to paye unto the Lessor etc Twenty pounds within seaven moneths after their severall deceases respectively. A Covenant for quiett enjoyeing. The lives all in being Richard Hulbert aged thirty six Honor aged thirty three and James one and twenty.

The premisses graunted by coppy to Susan Stileman are not disposeable and therefore the present Rent thereon reserved must be deducted out of the whole reserved Rent. And then the M annor and Farinie will have cleare of itselfe thus :

£22 18s. 05d. The present Rent reserved, the Tyth of foure pounds per annum being deducted wilbe eighteen pounds eighteens shillings five pence And the improvement over and above the sayde Rent which wilbe as a reversion after the Lessees terme wilbe per ahnum nynety two pounds five pence £xcij. v d.

And the Improvement of the severall coppyholds for lives after the terrne which the Lessee hath power to grant which is three lives at any time. dureing his owne terme besides the Twenty foure pounds per annum granted to Susan Stileman aforesaid will be per annum £102. 10. 00.

The Tythe thus. Present Rent foure pounds. Improvement Twenty foure pounds. March 19th 1649. Will. Webb 1649.

An abstract of the present Rents future Improvements and all other proffits of the Mannor and Rectory of Immer.

The reserued Rent upon the Lease payeable by the Lessee being the only present proffitts ariseing to the State is per annum 22. . 18. 05.

The Rents of Assize or the Rents of the Coppyhold Tennants togeather with all profits & perquisites within the sayde Mannor to the Royalty thereof apperteyneing per annum 14. 03. 10.

The Improvement of the leasehold lands together with the Rents of Assize and Royalties & the aforesaid Rent reserued is per annurn £110. 18. 00.

The Improvement of the Coppyhold lands over & above the Rents reserued is per annum 126. 10. 00.

Summe Totall of future Improvements is per annum 237. 08. 05.

Walter Foy Jo. Squibb Chr. Weare Geo : Fairely, Surveyors. Exd. per Will Webb supervisor generall 1650. Exd. Ra: Hall Regist. Dept. Date from endorsement Recd. 4 February 1649.

Abbreviations used:
  • WAM Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Magazine
  • WNQ Wiltshire Notes and Queries



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