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Title :Monumental Inscriptions in Corsham Church
Author :Arthur Schomberg
Book Type :Churches
Publisher :
Date :
Journal :WNQ 1904 vol. 4, pages 510 –515

These were printed, some twelve years ago, in vol. iv of the late Dr. Howard's Miscell. Gen. et Herald., New Series, and the compiler, perhaps, seeing only bars on the impalement of KINGTON, on that monument in the north chapel, jumped to the conclusion that it was meant for FULLER, whereas it should be credited to PANTON, John Kington's wife being Mary, daughter of Charles Panton, of Batheaston (Wilts N. &- Q., iv, 437). On recently visiting the church, we could not distinguish the crowns of KINGTON, and perceived only patches of red on its impalement. We give the arms as borne by PANTON in some notes below.

On the Hulbert monument, placed in the chancel by the Goldney family, it is stated that "John Gallimore Hulbert married Elizabeth Kington, of Stowell"; we are informed by a correspondent, a member of the Kington family, that this is incorrect, "for John Gallimore Hulbert married at Atworth (July 4, 1765), Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Kington, of Atworth, and sister of Anthony Kington, of Widcomb Manor. Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Kington, of Stowell, Corsham and Notton, died unmarried September 8, 1823, and has a monument in St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol ".

In the north chapel is a large handsome alabaster monument; under a flat stone canopy on the dexter side two mutilated figures, kneeling face to face; on the sinister side are four kneeling female figures with ruffs, the hindmost one without a head; above this monument a helmet with crest, An elephant statant; with a shield of six quarterings, viz., I and 6, Sable, a chevron between three fishes embowed argent, a chief or, COBB, 2, A Jess between three birds volant. 3, Blank or, illegible. 4, A fess between six fleurs-de-lys. 5, A cross bottony.

On a dexter obelisk above the canopy is a shield, blank or, illegible; on the sinister one, A bend wavy, in chief three crescents ermine; over a pillar separating the two groups, crest of COBB on either side a shield, the dexter blank or illegible, the sinister, COBB; impaling, A fess between three fleurs-de-lys gules.

On dexter side are four shields hanging from ring and ribbons; I, COBB; impaling, A cross bottony between four...or. 2, COBB; impaling, Quarterly....in each quarter a stag statant. 3, COBB (overwritten COBB). 4, COBB; impaling, Argent, two bars sable (overwritten COBB.... on). On the sinister side are also four like shields; I, COBB; impaling, A fess gules between three birds volant, sable (overwritten COBB and RYVE). 2, COBB; impaling, Sable, three flagons argent (overwritten COBB and Le.... tler). 3, COBB; impaling, Azure, a bend wavy or, in chief three crescents ermine (overwritten WM. COBB and WILDE). 4, COBB, with label of three points (overwritten WILLIAM COBB). Below the kneeling figures are also three like shields; I, Blank; impaling, COBB. 2, Ditto (overwritten WYNIFREDE). 3, Blank, All, or most, of these shields seem to have had some name written over them.

Heare lyeth buried the bodie of Alice Cobb, wydow, sometyme wyfe of William Cobb, Esq., descended from the ancient family! of the Cobbs, of Sandringham, in the Covnty of Norfolke, by whome she was the mother of sixteen children, seven Sons and nine davghters, ! all which she lived to see bvried bvt three onely. The right worshippfvll Sir William Cobb, Knight, her onely sonne, and Dame Catherine, whoe maryed to Sir George Rvssell, of Bedford shier, Knight, and Dame Margarett, whoe maryed to Sir Richard Chomley, of Yorkshire, Knight. She lived a made ninteen years, alld a wyfe twenty-six years, and after her hvsband's death, whoe desced in October, Ao. 1598, she lived a widow thirty yeares, havinge performed the parte bothe of a constante lovinge wife; and a kinde and carefvll mother, restinge now with the Almightie, whome her greatest care was ever to serve and feare. Shee died the 23 of October, Ao. D'ni 1627.

Mr. Harold Brakspere, F.S.A, informs us that the above was placed here under his superintendence in 1899; when the chancel of Adderbury Church was restored, it was afterwards removed to Corsham Court. Alice Cobb (née Wyld) [She was a daughter of Otwall Wild, of Oldham, co. Lanc.] was buried in Adderbury chancel. The present Lord Methuen is descended from Christian, the second daughter and co-heiress of Sir George Cobb, of Adderbury, the last baronet, who was accidentally drowned when he was over ninety.

The arms and crest of COBB, as given in Bloomfield's Norfolk, Farrer's Church Heraldry of Norfolk, and the printed Visitations of Norfolk, 1563, 1589, 1613, are different from those on the monument, but the latter are given by Burke, and Anthony Wood, who mentions an impalement by William Cobb, ob. 1658-9, of, Quarterly, azure and or, four stags trippant of the first (? counterchanged), FLOOD. According to Burke's Extinct Baronetage these fishes are described as dolphins embowed, but others blazon them as cobs, herrings, pickerings, all naiant. Geoffrey Cobb, of Sandringham, marries a Ryvett, and has a son William, who marries a Le Butler. If this monument is not returned to its proper place, we should like to see a notice placed close by, stating whence it came, and the date of its "anchorage" in Corsham.

The Rev. H. J. Gepp, Vicar of Adderbury, near Banbury, writes:-"This monument was at one time in the Chancel of this Church; it was built in front of the handsome sedilia, discovered when the monument fell to pieces (the family not caring to restore it), and the sedilia were repaired and restored by the Warden and Fellows of New College, in 1837. The pieces of the monument were kept here until 1879, when they were sent to Lord Methuen....There are other monuments to the Cobb family in the Chancel-flat stones."

NOTE TO KINGTON AND SELFE. We have seen that Mary Kington was a daughter of Charles Panton, and we now find by the following monuments [All are given in Collinson's Somerset, and the two Pantons in Munk's Roll of the Coll. of Physicians, but only those of Richard Panton (without the arms given by Collinson) and of Ann Selfe, seem now to be visible; they were all in the chancel] in Batheaston Church, that she had three other sisters, one of hem married to a Selfe, their mother also being of that family, probably the Cecilia Ponting (? Panton) mentioned on p. 438

North wall of Vestry, north side of Church.- On a brass shield, mounted on a white stone, enclosed in a black stone frame, flanked on either side by a pillar of the same:-

Gules, two bars ermine, on a canton sable, a moulin-de-fer argent, a bordure of the last.

Epitaphium- In fvnvs Domini Richardi Panton | Eximii peritissimique Medici | Qvi desiit mori Decimo sexto dee | Septembris anno Domini, 1684.
Alter en! Hippocrates jacet inferiore sub urná., Qui modo Pantoniæ Gloria stirpis erat; Ægros sanavit non solum sed furiosos Ingenio veteri reddidit ille viros. Nobilis ars, fortuna, genus, patientia, virtus, Singula sunt paucis, sed data cuncta tibi.

Close by was a small tablet of white marble:-

Juxta hic jacet corpus Caroli Panton, [An extra Licentiate of the College of Physicians, born 23 April 1662, matr. at Lincoln College, 26 October 1678, B.A., 1682.] generosi, Richardi Panton, et Mariæ uxoris ejus filii primogeniti, olim collegio Lincoln; in academiâ Oxoniensi; ubi ex illo fonte illustrissimo omnium artium et rerum uberrimâ cognitione affluente, assidue se studiis imbuendo plerisque rebus, præcipue vero medicinalibus, admodum eruditus esset. Ille Cæciliam, Jacobi Self de Beanacre in agro Wilton; armigeri, filiam, uxorem duxit, ex quâ. natæ sunt ei quatuor filiæ. Amans erat maritus, indulgensque pater, bonus vicinus, vir justus, in pauperes benignus, vereque pius domi, et ecclesiæ Dei venerator. Natus in hâc parochiâ de Bath Easton, vicesimo tertio dei Aprilis Anno D'ni 1711, et Ætatis suæ 50.

North Wall of North Aisle.-A large handsome white marble tablet, framed in black marble, flanked on either side by a pillar of white veined marble, standing on base of the same:-

Ermine, three chevrons gules impaling, Gules, two bars ermine, on a canton argent a moulin-de-fer sable- PANTON.

Mrs. Ann Selfe, | Relict of Isaac Selfe of Melksham, in ye Count of Wiltes; | Youngest daughter of Charles Panton, Gent., and Cecilia his Wife, | after a long Illness fatal to her Sister| Exchanged this Mortal for an Immortal Life | January ye 31st, 1740, in the 35th year of her Age, | Hauing by her Amiable Temper and Engaging Behauiour | Endeared, herself to her Acquaintances, | And by an Exemplary Goodness and Sincere Piety | Recommended her Soul to GOD, | And leaving behind the character | Of an Agreeable Woman, and a Good Christian. ! To Whose Memory | Mrs. Cecilia Panton, her Sorrowful Mother | Caused this Monument to be Erected | Hoping with the Ashes of her Dear Daughter | Near this Place Deposited | One Day to Mingle | Her own.

According to Col1inson, the fol1owing, of white marble, were on the north wal1 of the chancel:-

To the pious memory of Mrs. Cecilia Panton, third daughter of Charles Panton, gent., deceased, and Cecilia his wife; who departed this life September 12, A.D. 1712, ætat. 21. (Here follow some verses).

Mrs. Betty Panton, their second daughter, died July 6. A.D. 1716, ætat. 26. She was an eminent instance of God's goodness at ten years of age, being to all that knew her exemplary and obliging; to her relations affectionate; to her parents dutiful and obsequious; but above all in her piety to God constant and unwearied. Neither the bloom of her youth, nor the vanities of the world, could divert her from pressing towards her mark; and as she soon finished her course, she also quickly received her crown.

Gules, two bars or, on a canton sable a moulin-de-fer ermine.-PANTON.

Mr. Heathcote has kindly supplied us with the fol1owing abstract of a deed now in his possession, viz., the Marriage Articles of Isaac Selfe, junr.:-

1732, 29 May. - Between Thomas Selfe, of Bromham, clerk, and Isaac Selfe, son and heir of Thomas Selfe, of the one part, Cecilia Panton, of Bath Easton, widow and devisee of late Charles Panton, physician, Mary Kington, of Jaggards, widow, and Anne Panton, of Bath Easton, spinster, daus. and coh. of said Charles Panton, of the second part; Isaac Selfe, of Beanacre, and John Norris, of Nonsuch, of the third part.

By Charles Panton's will Cecilia Panton is seised of messuages, lands, &c., in Bath Easton and Bathford, in trust to sell them for the benefit of her two surviving daus. Whereas a marriage is to be had between Isaac Selfe, jr., and Anne Panton, with whom Isaac is to have 1,000, and other moneys as a marriage portion, it is agreed that Thomas Selfe, in consideration inter alia of 4,000 paid to him by Isaac, junr., and in case of the marriage taking place shall convey to him, all estates purchased by Thomas Selfe of Thomas Rutty, haberdasher, of London; all other estate of Thomas Selfe in Melksham; estate of the deceased mother of Isaac, junr, (late Smith's); estate of Jacob Selfe, of Melksham, deceased (charged with 1,000), less 100 per annum reserved to Thomas, and half the fruit from Place House Orchard, provided the first four years' net are to be liable for the 1,000.

Isaac, junr. to have the last half year's rent due on Thomas Selfe's own estates; the said Isaac to pay 3,000 down, and 1,000 in four years' time at four per cent.; also to convey to Trustees within a month after the above conveyance by Thomas Selfe all the estates named above, including Henry Smith's. In Trust, for several uses, inter alia, to raise an annuity for Anne Panton on the death of said Isaac, in bar of dower or thirds; 4,000 to be raised for younger children, if any.

Proviso that Isaac (during the term of the Trust) may let land on building leases, three lives or ninety-nine years, and exchange lands, the land taken to be in Trust.

Cecilia Panton to pay down 1.000, and realise her estate, of which Shockerwick farm was a portion, and pay half the proceeds within four years. The said Isaac to pay Cecilia Panton interest on the lands, &c., for her life.

Signed and sealed by Thomas and Isaac Selfe, Cecilia and Ann Panton; attested by Ann Selfe, Anne Crane, and Samuel Webb.

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  • WAM Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Magazine
  • WNQ Wiltshire Notes and Queries



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