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Wiltshire Community History

Timeline for Date 1700

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Aldbourne Early 1700s The Crown built as a coaching inn
Amesbury Early 1700s Thomas Holland, vicar of Amesbury and inventor of hydraulic engines and pumps, designs an apparatus for extinguishing fires
Amesbury Late 1700s A winnowing machine called the Amesbury heaver invented by John Trowbridge of Amesbury
Ashton Keynes 1700s The Old Rectory was built on the site of the 1584 rectory.
Ashton Keynes 1700s Ashton House was built and stood in 2000 much the same as it was in the 1700s, with a few additions such as the stables.
Box Early 1700s Hazelbury Manor passed to the Northey Family
Box 1700s The Chapel Plaister hospice was converted to The Bell Inn, and became the haunt of highwayman John Poulter, also known as Tony Baxter
Broughton Gifford 1700s Broughton House extended at both ends.
Broughton Gifford Early 1700s Gifford Hall is built, incorporating the wall of a 16th century building.
Broughton Gifford 1700-1783 Sheep enclosures made due to the increased profits that can be obtained by sheep breeding for the expanding woollen industry.
Broughton Gifford Late 1700s Hollybrook House built, The Fox and Hounds (now The Fox) dates from this time.
Corsham Early 1700s From this time Bath stone is quarried on a large scale for building purposes
Cricklade 1700s High Street and Calcutt Street paved
Downton 1700s The area around the main road, the Headlands, became much more built up.
Downton 1700s Ploughing of upland pastures began.
Downton C.1700 The Snelgroves set up a paper mill in Downton.
Downton 1700 Barford House was rebuilt by Sir Charles Dunscombe.
Downton 1700s Houses built in Barford Lane, Moot Lane, Lode Hill (called Node Hill in 1539) and Slab Lane. King's Arms rebuilt. Doctors were present in village.
Keevil 1700s The Keevil church clock built
Keevil 1700s The Lamb-on-the-Strand inn was built
Marlborough 1700s Race meetings held on Barton Down
Pewsey 1700s The Church of St. John the Baptist has 6 bells by this time
Pewsey Early 1700s Bricks are made in the parish from this time
Pewsey C.1700 Phoenix Inn opened
Ramsbury Early 1700s Bodorgan House, now Ramsbury Hill, built in Back Lane
Sherston 1700s-1800 Housing built in the south-east of Sherston
Westbury C.1700 White Horse cut as an outline only
Wilton 1700s Church of St. Mary, Brede Street, restored; Greyhound Inn, Kingsbury Square, Wheatsheaf in Warminster Road and the Pembroke Arms in Minster Street built
Wilton Early 1700s Mill in Crow Lane converted to textile manufacturing
Wilton 1700 By this time a poorhouse is in existence; the first carpet factory in the town is established by this time



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