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Wiltshire Community History

Timeline for Date 1830

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Aldbourne 1830 Hat making industry in existence
Box 1830 Another main road was built through Box, creating the 'Fiveways' junction and allowing access to Bradford and Melksham
Broughton Gifford 1830 Sunday School starts in connection to the Baptist Church.
Calne 1830s By this time the Presbyterian chapel has closed
Calne 1830 Primitive Methodist Society formed; there is a silk factory in the town
Corsham C.1830 Charles Dickens stayed at the Hare and Hounds in Pickwick. Believed to be the inspiration for The Pickwick Papers published in 1936
Cricklade 1830 Board School for Girls opened at 23 High Street; Post Office in High Street from this time
Hullavington 1830 Vicarage net income of £194 shows it to be below the average wealth for a living in Malmesbury deanery
Purton C.1830 Purton House extensively rebuilt
Ramsbury 1830 By this time the 2 fairs are being held as a cattle fair on 14 May and a hiring fair on 11 October; 5 private day schools and 3 Sunday schools are in existence; farm labourers riot against the introduction of threshing machines by destroying machines and starting fires, resulting in 12 men being transported to Australia
Westbury 1830 There are 6 malt houses in the area
Wilton 1830 Crow Lane Mill attacked by Swing Rioters and machinery destroyed. 11 rioters from Wilton transported to Australia
Wiltshire 1830 The last native Great Bustard, once a common bird on Salisbury Plain, is killed.
Wiltshire 1830 Swing Riots (named after ficticious ring leader 'Captain Swing') farm labourers protest at food shortages and smash new threshing machines seen as the cause of unemployment. At Pythouse near Hindon local militia disperse a mob, killing one protestor, whilst 150 rioters are later sentenced to deportation.



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