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Wiltshire Community History

Timeline for Date 1950

There were 25 items found.

Aldbourne Early 1950s Pond filled in
Aldbourne 1950s Mains gas supply provided to the village; sewerage system constructed
Amesbury 1950s Traffic lights installed in High Street; 314 council houses built
Amesbury 1950 Public library opened
Broughton Gifford 1950 Records show that the average school attendance is 76.
Chippenham 1950 Greenways Maternity Hospital opens
Corsham 1950s Burlington Bunker prepared in the underground tunnels to house 4000 central government personnel in the event of a nuclear war
Corsham 1950 Corsham Maternity Hospital and closed and the railway station closed for goods traffic
Cricklade 1950 Cricklade Museum opened
Downton 1950s Both council and private housing was built at Moot Lane. Housing estates also built on the western side of Salisbury Road at Wick. New Seconadry Modern School opened.
Downton 1950 A small bag of coins was found dating back to 1309 and earlier.
Keevil 1950 Keevil Drama group's first performance: 'A Midsommer Nights Dreame'
Marlborough 1950 The production of hide leather at Wingrove & Edge Ltd begun; Town Mill demolished
Melksham 1950s New post office built on site of Church House
Melksham 1950 The Friends' Meeting House closes
Pewsey 1950s Independent Chapel in Easterton Lane closed
Purton 1950s Bentham House in Purton Stoke becomes a preparatory school for boys
Ramsbury 1950s Over 100 council houses built in the village; the 11 October fair which had changed to a pleasure fair after World War I ceases
Sherston 1950s Beaufort Hunt Race Day Fair and sideshow on the High Street
Sherston Early 1950s Corn Mill closes
Sherston 1950 Foresters' Arms closes
Sherston Late 1950s Lourds greengrocer moves to Back Lane; Doctors moves to Swan Barton; British Schoolroom used as the primary school's dining room; Court House Store closes
Westbury 1950s Westbury War Memorial partially moved to Edward Street
Westbury 1950 Prideaux Hospital closed
Wilton C.1950 Street renumbering takes place



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