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Wiltshire Community History

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     Chippenham and Lacock in Old Photographs




     Wiltshire Towns: the archaeological potential ( Page 31)



     A place in the country ( Pages 12 - 27)

     Bewley Court, Lacock, Wiltshire

     Lacock : the abbey, church and village

     Lacock and its abbey

     The Dovecots and Pigeon Lofts of Wiltshire

     The manor houses of Lackham

     The Manor of Lackham : its owners and some historical connections

     Wiltshire (Buildings of England Series); revised by Bridget Cherry ( Pages 283 - 290)



     An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting Houses in South-West England ( Page 229)

     Annals and antiquities of Lacock Abbey in the County of Wilts, with memorials of the foundress Ela, Countess of Salisbury and of the Earls of Salisbury

     Church of Saint Cyriac Lacock Full Text Available

     Historical Associations of Lacock Abbey

     History of Lacock Abbey: with an engraving

     Lacock Abbey : notes on the architectural history of the building

     Lacock Abbey : with eleven illustrations

     Lacock Abbey Charters

     Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

     St Cyriac's church, Lacock, Wiltshire

     St Cyriac's Church, Lacock, Wiltshire

     The Baynard monuments in Lacock Church, Wilts

     The Church Bells of Wiltshire: their inscriptions and history

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts ( Pages 220 - 221)

     The Church Rambler (2 Vols) ( Vol. 1 Page 71 and 115) (Vol. 2 Page 9 - 33)

     The heraldry of the Church of St Cyriac in Lacock

     The Monumental Brasses of Wiltshire ( Pages 9 and 39)


General History and Topography

     A short history of the lords of the manor of Lackham from Saxon days

     A walk around Lacock

     An introduction to Lacock village

     Discovering Lacock : an illustrated guide and personal tribute

     Exploring Historic Wiltshire Vol. 1 : North (Pages 25 and 27)

     Highways and Byways in Wiltshire (Pages 393 - 400)

     Historic Spots in Wiltshire (Pages 63 - 71 and 4 unnumbered pages after)

     Portrait of Lacock

     Round About Wiltshire ( Pages 186 - 195)

     The Beauties of Wiltshire (3 Vols) (Vol. 3, Pages 235 - 244)

     The Illustrated Portrait of Wiltshire ( Pages 123, 128, 139 - 143)

     The Wiltshire Village Book ( Pages 136 - 138)

     Wiltshire : the topographical collections corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson

     Wiltshire Villages



     The rise and decline of the woollen industry in the village of Lacock

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4

     Wiltshire and Somerset Woollen Mills ( Page 91)



     A biographical sketch of Col. George Montagu ( 1755 - 1815) English field zoologist

     Fox Talbot : an illustrated life of William Henry Fox Talbot, Father of modern photography, 1800 - 1877

     Fox Talbot : photographer

     Memories of a Lacock family

     My life and Lacock Abbey

     Some background to the life and publications of Colonel George Montagu (1753 - 1815)

     Two Georgian Montagus : the manor of Lackham

     Weinstock : the life and times of Britain's premier industrialist

     William Henry Fox Talbot : father of photography

     William Henry Fox Talbot : pioneer of photography and man of science

     William Henry Fox Talbot : scientist, inventor, classicist



     Views of Lacock, Chippenham, Wilts


Public Services

     Moonraker Firemen ( of the past) ( Pages 101 - 105)



     Wiltshire Schools : a short history



     The roads and bridges of the parish of Lacock, Wilts : their management, maintenance, and condition from 1853 to the end of the seventeenth century

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4

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