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Wiltshire Community History

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Little Somerford



     Hill House, Little Somerford, Nr. Malmesbury, Wiltshire: Auction





     Wiltshire Towns : the archaeological potential ( Pages 35 - 37)



     Burton Hill House and its Owners Full Text Available

     Malmesbury Abbey : history, archaeology and architecture to illustrate the significance of the south aisle screen

     Malmesbury Abbey House, Wiltshire

     On the architecture of Malmesbury Abbey

     Revised list of buildings of special architecture or historic interest : district of North Wiltshire : Malmesbury

     Wiltshire ( Buildings of England series) ( Pages 321 - 330), revised by Bridget Cherry



     An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting Houses in South West England ( Pages 230 - 231)

     Malmesbury Abbey

     Malmesbury Abbey : Royal coat of arms

     Malmesbury Abbey in its best days

     Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire

     Nonconformity in Malmesbury : a brief sketch of the history of the free churches of the town

     The abbey churches of Bath and Malmesbury and the Church of Saint Laurence, Bradford on Avon

     The Church Bells of Wiltshire : their inscription and history ( Pages 128 - 130)

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts ( Pages 202 - 203)

     The Church Rambler (2 Vols) (Vol. 1, Page 222)

     The iconography of the biblical scenes at Malmesbury Abbey

     The mitred Benedictine Abbey of Saint Aldhelm, Malmesbury : a guide - memoir

     The Monumental Brasses of Wiltshire (Page 79)

     The Sculptures of the south porch of Malmesbury Abbey : a short guide


General History and Topography

     A hill top town : fact and legend

     A history of Malmesbury

     Anglo - Saxon Towns in Southern England ( Pages 111 - 117)

     Exploring Historic Wiltshire, Vol. 1 : North

     Highways and Byways in Wiltshire ( Pages 347 - 362)

     Historic Spots in Wiltshire ( Pages 22 - 30)

     History of Malmesbury

     History of Malmesbury; 2nd edition, revised by F. H. Manley

     Looking Back


     Malmesbury : 1100 years a borough

     Malmesbury and its traditions

     Malmesbury beyond 2000 : yesterday, today, tomorrow

     Malmesbury then and now : a portrait of the town in the years 1000, 1900 and 2000

     Malmesbury's lost medieval hermitage found: Christina's elective prison of 1250 rediscovered in 1987

     Return to Jefferies' Land

     Round About Wiltshire ( Pages 177 - 186)

     The Beauties of Wiltshire (3 Vols) (Vol. 3, Pages 81 - 107)

     The History of Ancient Malmesbury, being a lecture delivered to the Young Men's Christian Association

     The history of Malmesbury as a village community ( Pages 421 - 438)

     The history of the Abbey and town of Malmesbury

     The history of the town of Malmesbury and of its ancient abbey

     The history of the town of Malmesbury and of its ancient abbey: ...together with memoirs of eminent natives...connected with the abbey or town

     The Illustrated Portrait of Wiltshire ( Pages 223 - 232)

     The Old Corporation of Malmesbury

     The Story of Malmesbury Part 1, 500 BC - 1600 AD

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire Vol. 14

     Wiltshire : the topographical collections corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson

     Wiltshire Villages



     Malmesbury : a summary of the shops and businesses of the town

     Malmesbury Lace

     The man who made Linolite : the life and achievements of Alfred William Beuttell, 1880 - 1965

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire Vol. 4

     Wiltshire and Somerset Woollen Mills ( Pages 72 - 74)



     Against the odds : an autobiography

     Eilmer : 11th century monk of Malmesbury : the flight and the comet : a recent investigation

     Ministers in Malmesbury District about the time of the Civil Wars and Restoration Full Text Available

     Mr Harry Jones, King's Arms Malmesbury and Malmesbury past and present

     Poole's Myriorama! : a story of travelling panorama showmen

     Saint Aldhelm : Abbot and Bishop

     Saint Aldhelm, first Abbott of Malmesbury ; first Bishop of Sherborne

     The Second World War Memorial, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

     The story of Henry Rook Esq

     Two ancient scholars : St Aldhelm and William of Malmesbury



     A picture - book of Malmesbury


     The picture book of Malmesbury

     Views of Malmesbury Abbey and Town


Public Services

     Moonraker Firemen (of the past) ( Pages 107 - 116)



     Burton Hill House School : the first 50 years

     The religious conflicts in the provision of elementary schooling from 1861 to 1886 with particular reference to Malmesbury

     Wiltshire Schools : a short history



     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4

Malmesbury St. Paul Without

Malmesbury St. Paul Without



     Burton Hill House and its Owners

     Wiltshire (Buildings of England series), revised by Bridget Cherry



     The Church Bells of Wiltshire ;their inscription and history, page 163

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts, page 195

     The Church Rambler, Vol. 2, pages 53-73


General History and Topography

     A History of Cole Park

     Corston, Wiltshire

     Rodbourne, Wiltshire

     The Beauties of Wiltshire, Vol. 3, pages 131-2

     The History of the Abbey and Town of Malmesbury (certain pages - see index)

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 14, pages 161-8 plus others in Malmesbury article.

     Wiltshire: the topographical collections corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson




     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4

     Wiltshire and Somerset Woollen Mills, pages 72-4



     John Hungerford Pollen, 1820 - 1902

     Pedigree of the Family of Fry of Corston and Sutton Benger in the County of Wiltshire

     Penn of Rodbourne



     Whitsunday's Child: a country life in pictures



     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4

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