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Wiltshire Community History

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General History and Topography

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. X

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. X, pages 8 - 13 Alton Barnes

     The Wiltshire Village Book, p. 17

     The Wiltshire Village Book, pages 17 - 20

     Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. XI, pages 181-203 (in article on Overton)

     Wiltshire Village Reading Rooms, pgs. 49, 71

     Wiltshire Villages, pgs. 119-121

     Wiltshire, pgs. 133, 135



     Memorials of a Quiet Life, 2 volumes

     On a Glass Lightly Full Text Available



     List of Defects and Dilapidations in the Elementary Schools

     Warburton Census of Wiltshire Schools

     Wiltshire Schools: A Short History





     Wiltshire Towns : the archaeological potential ( Pages 5 - 6)



     Experimental buildings in Amesbury, 1919 - 1937

     Experimental cottages : a report on the work of the Department at Amesbury

     Wilton House and English Palladianism, pages 94-124

     Wiltshire ( Buildings of England series) : revised by Bridget Cherry



     A short guide to the abbey church of St Mary and St Melor, Amesbury

     Amesbury : its abbey, its church and its saint

     Notes on Amesbury Church ( Pages 29 - 32) Full Text Available

     Notes on Amesbury Monastery with an account of some discoveries on the site in 1860 ( Pages 114 - 556)

     Salisbury meeting : notes on Amesbury Church and Abbey

     Tales of the people connected with Amesbury abbey through 1500 years

     The Church Bells of Wiltshire : their inscriptions and history

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts ( Page 36)

     The Church Rambler ( 2 Vols) ( Vol. 2, Page 187)

     The medieval clock in Amesbury Abbey


General History and Topography

     A sentimental and practical guide to Amesbury and Stonehenge

     Amesbury : historic and prehistoric

     Amesbury : history and description of a south Wiltshire town

     Amesbury old and new

     Anglo - Saxon Towns in Southern England

     Exploring Historic Wiltshire, Vol. 1 : North (Page 85)

     Exploring Historic Wiltshire, Vol. 2 : South (Page 51)

     Highways and Byways in Wiltshire

     In and around Amesbury : a town trail and brief historical guide

     Round About Wiltshire

     The Amesbury Millennium lectures

     The Beauties of Wiltshire (3 Vols) (Vol. 2 Pages 148 - 153)

     The Illustrated Portrait of Wiltshire

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 15

     Wiltshire : the topographical collections corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson

     Wiltshire Villages ( Pages 55 - 56)



     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4



     Amesbury gleanings : chiefly in reference to the association of the families of Seymour and Douglas with that place

     Some account of Henry Browne, seventeen years a resident at Amesbury, Wilts ; also of his son and daughter, Joseph Henry Bickerton Browne and Caroline Champneys Browne, fifty-nine years residents at Amesbury

     Wiltshire and Its Worthies ( Pages 115 - 118) Full Text Available



     Wiltshire Schools : a short history



     The Amesbury Turnpike Trust

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. 4




     Listed Buildings - Salisbury District, Vol. 4

     The Buildings of England: Wiltshire, p. 94


General History and Topography

     The King's England: Wiltshire, p. 14

     Wiltshire Villages, p. 38

Ashton Keynes



     Wiltshire (Buildings of England series) pp 94-95



     An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting Houses in South-West England

     Holy Cross Church a simple and brief guide for visitors

     The Church Bells of Wiltshire pp 14, 252 & 315

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts p 175

     The Strict Baptist Chapels of England vol 5 p.32


General History and Topography

     Ashton Keynes a village with no history

     Ashton Keynes Millennium Book

     Highways and Byways in Wiltshire

     The Wiltshire Village Book pp21-22

     Wiltshire Villages pp 185-186



     The Victoria History of Wiltshire vol. 4




     The Ancient History of Wiltshire Vol. 2 (Roman Road and Wansdyke) pp16-30 and 79



     Great Chalfield Manor

     The Dovecots and Pigeon Lofts of Wiltshire

     Wiltshire (Buildings of England series) pp 96, 257-259



     All Saints Parish Church Great Chalfield: a guide for visitors

     An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting Houses in South-West England, pp 205-6

     The Church Bells of Wiltshire, pp 15-17 and 49

     The Church of St Michael Atworth a short history

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts, pp122, 125, 126

     The Church Rambler (2 volumes) vol. 2 pp 379-386


General History and Topography

     Atworth: an economic and social history

     History and Memories of Atworth at the end of the Second Millennium

     The Illustrated Portrait of Wiltshire, pp143 and 146

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire vol. 7, various pages in the Bradford Hundred articles

     The Wiltshire Village Book pp 22-25

     Wiltshire Villages, pp 92-93

     Wiltshire: the topographical collections corrected and enlarged by John E. Jackson, pp 19 & 20



     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol 4


     A Description of Saxon Work in the Church of St. James, Abury

     Butcher, Baker, Saddlemaker; village life in Avebury from 1920-1974

     Church Bells of Wiltshire (page 16)

     Church of St. James, Avebury

     Church Plate of the County of Wilts

     Fooprints Through Avebury

     Notes on Wiltshire Parishes: Avebury

     Prehistoric Avebury

     Sacred Mound, Holy Rings: Silbury Hill and the West Kennet palisade enclosures; a Later Neolithic complex in north Wiltshire

     The Harmony of Symbols: the Windmill Hill causewayed enclosure

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