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Wiltshire Community History

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     The West Kennet Long Barrow Excavtions 1955-56

     Victoria History of Wiltshire Vol. 12 (pages 86-104)

     Windmill Hill and Avebury: excavations by Alexander Keiller, 1925-1929



     Avebury: the biography of a landscape

     Monuments and Material Culture: papers in honour of an Avebury archaeologist: Isobel Smith

     The Avebury Landscape: aspescts of the field archaeology of the Marlborough Downs


General History and Topography

     Avebury Reconsidered: from the 1660s to the 1990s


General History and Typography

     The Avebury Cycle

Barford St. Martin

     A stone axe fragment from Hamshill Ditches, Barford St. Martin

     Ancient Wiltshire, Vol. 1: Hamshill Ditches (pages 109 & 119)

     Brasses of Wiltshire (page 65)

     Church Bells of Wiltshire

     Church Survey, Rectory etc.

     Customs of Wishford and Barford in Grovely

     Enclosure Act extinguishing rights of common in Barford and Baverstock . . .

     Future arrangements for first School education in Barford St. Martin, Dinton and Fovant:a consulatation paper

     Hamshill Ditches, Barford St. Martin

     History of Barford St. Martin (7 page pamplet)

     Modern Wiltshire; Hundred of Dunworth (pages 92-4, 187-90, 210, & 218-20)

     The Rev. William Wilkes,DD, rector of Barford St. Martin, Wiltshire, 1576-1637




     Department of the Environment: Lists of buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interests: Kennet Volume 5



     An Architectural Guide to the Church of St Nicholas, Baydon, Wiltshire

     Church Bells of Wiltshire: Volume 1: Page 20

     The Churches of Aldbourne, Baydon, Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston


General History and Topography

     The Illustrated Portrait of Wiltshire, pages 241-243

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol 12, pages 52-61

     Wiltshire: A History of its landscape and people: Marlborough and East Wiltshire, pages 27-30, 199-200



     The History of Baydon Church of England School 1843-1968

     Wiltshire Schools: A Short History


Berwick Bassett



     Lists of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, Vol. 5, Kennet District

     Wiltshire, 2nd ed.



     St. Nicholas' Church, Berwick Bassett


General History and Topography

     A History of the County of Wiltshire, Vol. 17, pp. 9-17

     The Place-names of Wiltshire, p. 254

Berwick St. James


General History and Topography

     The Place-Names of Wiltshire, p. 201

Berwick St. John



     DOE Lists of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, Salisbury District, Vol. 4

     The Buildings of England: Wiltshire



     The Church Bells of Wiltshire, p. 25

     The Church Plate of the County of Wilts, pgs. 54-55

     Wiltshire Dissenters' Meeting House Certificates and Registrations 1689-1852


General History and Topography

     Ashcombe: The Story of a Fifteen Year Lease

     Portrait of Wiltshire, p. 209

     The King's England: Wiltshire, p. 22

     The Place-Names of Wiltshire, p. 232

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol. XIII

     Wiltshire Villages, pgs. 34-35



     List of Defects and Dilapidations in the Elementary Schools

     Warburton Census of Wiltshire Schools

     Wiltshire Schools: A Short History

Berwick St. Leonard


     In a Peaceful Wiltshire Village. Biddestone Memories of 40-50 Years Ago



     Listed Buildings - North Wiltshire, vol. 1, pages 1-50

     The Dovecots and Pigeon Lofts of Wiltshire

     Wiltshire (Buildings of England Series), pages 110-111, 472



     Monumental Inscriptions of Wiltshire, vol. 53, pages 20-34


General History and Topography

     Biddestone and Slaughterford Wiltshire: A Short History

     Biddestone Conservation Area

     Biddestone Festival: Millennium Commemorative Programme

     Country Walks Around Bath, pages 17-22

     Highways and Byways of Wiltshire, page 429

     Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire, pages 17-22

     Printed Maps of Wiltshire 1787-1844, vol. 52, pages 2,8,19,12,32,46-7,108

     The Beauties of Wiltshire, pages 566-7

     The King's England - Wiltshire, pages 23, 182

     The Place-Names of Wiltshire, VolXVI, pages 86-7, 111, 467-8

     The Wiltshire Village Book, pages 20 and 138

     Village England, pages 78 and 82

     Wiltshire - A Shell Guide, pages 64 and 155

     Wiltshire Toll Houses

     Wiltshire Villages, pages 14, 175-6



     A Survival of the Wiltshire Paper Industry

     The Quiet Valley with a Busy Past

     Wiltshire and Somerset Woolen Mills, pages 34, 46, 96, 174-5



     Wiltshire Schools: A Short History

Bishops Cannings

Bishops Cannings



     The registers of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire



     Historical memiors of the parish of Bishop's Cannings

     Notes on the Church of St. Mary the Virgin

     The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin


General History and Topography

     Morgan's Hill transmission tower

     Possible find of pewterware from Bishop's Cannings

     Sketchy records of Coate at the turn of the century

     The Victoria History of Wiltshire, volume 7, p. 187-197

     The Wiltshire Village Book p. 29-31

     Village Life: flower festival

     Wiltshire Villages p. 117-118



     Further examination of strip lynchets north of the Vale of Pewsey

     Investigation in 1957 of strip lynchets north of the Vale of Pewsey


Outdoor Pursuits

     North Wilts Golf Club, 1890 - 1990



     A village survey

     A Wiltshire Childhood

     Grave on the Devzies - Beckhampton road

     In a Wiltshire Hamlet

     Round about the little steeple: the story of a Wiltshire parson, 1573 - 1623

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