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Wiltshire Community History

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Early schools, Aldbourne

National School, Aldbourne

National School, Woodsend, Aldbourne

Snap School, Aldbourne

St. Michael's C. of E. (Aided) Primary School, Ald

St. Michael's Church School, Aldbourne


Alderbury & West Grimstead C. of E. Primary School

Ivychurch Academy, Alderbury

National School, Alderbury

All Cannings

All Cannings C. of E. Primary School

Day School, Allington, All Cannings

Day, School, All Cannings

National School, All Cannings


Boscombe School

Early Schools, Boscombe

Schooling, Allington


Mrs Hare's School, Alton Barnes

Parochial School, Alton Barnes


National School, Alvediston


Amesbury Church of England Aided Junior School, Am

Amesbury Church of England School, Amesbury

Amesbury Infants' School, Amesbury

Amesbury Secondary Modern School, Amesbury

Amesbury Union Workhouse School, Amesbury

Avondale School, Amesbury

Christ the King Catholic Primary School, Amesbury

Downlands School, Amesbury

Grammar School, Amesbury

John Zillwood's School, Amesbury

Miss Caroline Browne's School, Amesbury

National Infants' School, Amesbury

National School, Amesbury

Other Private Schools, Amesbury

Rev. Arthur Meyrick's School, Amesbury

Rose's School Amesbury

Spratt's School, Amesbury

Stonehenge School, Amesbury

Ashton Keynes

Ashton Keynes Church of England Primary School

Bethesda Chapel School, Ashton Keynes

Church School , Ashton Keynes

Dame and Private Schools, Ashton Keynes

Private School, Ashton Keynes


Atworth School, Atworth

Church School, Atworth

Churchfields, The Village School, Atworth


Avebury Church of England Primary School

Charity School, Avebury

Congregational School, Avebury

National School, Avebury

Other Schools, Avebury

Barford St. Martin

Barford St. Martin Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

National School, Barford St. Martin


Baydon St.Nicholas Church of England School

Early Schools, Baydon

National School, Baydon

Berwick Bassett

Early Schools, Berwick Bassett

National School, Berwick Bassett

Berwick St. John

Berwick St. John Church of England School

Early Schools, Berwick St. John

Sandroyd School


Biddestone Church of England School

The National School, Biddestone

Bishops Cannings

Bishops Cannings C. of E. (Aided) Primary School

Horton School, Bishops Cannings

National School, Bishops Cannings

National School, Coate, Bishops Cannings

Non-Conformist School, Coate, Bishops Cannings


Church of England School, Bishopstone

Industrial School, Bishopstone

Bower Chalke

Bower Chalke Church of England School

National School, Bower Chalke

The Chase School, Bower Chalke


Adult School, Box Hill, Box

Box Church of England Primary School, Box

Charity School, Box

Church of England School, Box

Ditteridge Church School, Box

George Mullins' School, Box

Henley Girls' School, Box

Miss Jane Mullins' School, Box

Private Schools, Box


Dissenters' School, Boyton

National School, Boyton

Bradford on Avon

British Girls School, Bradford on Avon

Christ Church Church of England Controlled Primary School, Bradford on Avon

Fitzmaurice Grammar School, Bradford on Avon

Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford on Avon

Free School, Bradford on Avon

St. Laurence School, Bradford on Avon

The British School, Bradford on Avon

The Free Grammar School, Bradford on Avon

Trinity Church of England Senior Schools

Trinity Secondary Modern School, Bradford on Avon

Braod Town

Church School, Broad Town


Bratton County School

Bratton Primary School

British School, Bratton

Jeffery Whitaker's School, Bratton

National Evening Continuation School, Bratton

National School, Bratton

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